Are Alexis And Justin Still Together In Married at First Sight?

Are Alexis And Justin Still Together? Alexis Mitchell and Justin Hall of “Married at First Sight” quickly declared their love for one another, but their relationship turned for the worst when their dogs began fighting. Have the stars made up their minds to stay together?

Among “Married at First Sight” fans, MAFS Fan on Instagram is widely recognized as the go-to source for spoilers. The fan account had already made informed guesses about Decision Day’s results before Season 15 aired.

Fans of “The Bachelor” speculated that Alexis and Justin, aka “Tree,” would choose to remain a pair on Decision Day. One MAFS viewer said that Alexis and Justin are not together at present.

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Although nothing will be set in stone until Decision Day and the reunion show air, according to Alexis’s Tinder profile, Justin is not a good match. Alexis does reveal at the season premiere that she swiped left on Justin’s profile on a dating app.

When the “relationship gurus” on “Married at First Sight” paired Alexis and Justin, they were one of the couples that immediately clicked. Fans began to speculate that the two were meant to be together forever because of how close they got.

Sadly, Alexis and Justin’s dogs snapped just as the romance experts would boast about their match-making prowess. The time has come for them to make up and stay together, or they can side with their canine pals. Everything you need to know is listed here.

Are Alexis And Justin From ‘Married at First Sight’ Still Together?

The verdict on this matter is still out for the time being. Viewers will have to wait until the Married at First Sight reunion special airs to find out if Alexis and Justin are still together. Three separate people have reportedly proposed to Alexis.

Will Justin finally get it right the fourth time around? Newsweek claims Justin had never proposed previously to Alexis. Alexis “was tired of the vicious dating cycle” when she joined the cast of Married at First Sight Season 15, according to an article in Entertainment Tonight.

According to the same source, Alexis and Justin had never seen an episode of Married at First Sight before they were cast in Season 15, another thing they had in common outside their fruitless dating careers.

Alexis and Justin’s parent’s reactions to the wedding were something else they shared before marriage. They both came from families who had doubts about the validity of the Married at First Sight concept. But Alexis and Justin’s pals cheered on their TV romance!

Alexis And Justin Relationship
Alexis And Justin Relationship

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Justin gushed over Alexis’s charm and beauty, stating, “When she started talking, that’s when she got to me. The best of all worlds, [she has a terrific] personality and [is] attractive.”

The new Married season, at First Sight, will start in three hours. Alexis and Justin, along with the other four couples, will be paired up, and then comes the difficult decision of whether or not to remain married.

Each season of Married at First Sight lasts at least five months, although the official date of the Season 15 reunion has not yet been revealed. The ideal air date for the reunion show is between October and November of 2022. Do Justin and Alexis make a good match? It’s wait-and-see at this point.

On Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, tune in to Lifetime for new Married at First Sight episodes.

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