Stacia And Nate Still Together From ‘Married At First Sight’ Season 15?

It’s time to find out whether the five couples decided to stay together or get divorced on Decision Day now that Married at First Sight season 15 has come to an end after three months of dramatic and emotional events. Numerous “blind weddings” have been arranged since the first season of MAFS aired in 2014, and while Jamie Otis Hehner and Doug Hehner continue to be the show’s biggest success story, the majority of marriages fail.

Even though each pair was carefully chosen by the MAFS relationship specialists for marriage, incompatibility is rife, and as of October 2022, only 13 out of 54 couples were still married.

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Nate Barnes and Stacia Karcher’s Relationship

Some of the sexiest scenes in the history of the Lifetime reality series Married at First Sight were provided by these two. They undoubtedly enjoyed themselves between the hot shower and Stacia’s vibrating underwear. They even got matching tattoos, and they have no regrets about being inked or getting married.

Despite not yet totally cohabitating, Stacia and Nate  are still together. Nate considers it to be “healthier” for them to live halfway between their two homes. The couple is attempting to come to an agreement by spending a few weeks at a time at each location as he lives downtown and she resides in the San Diego suburbs. As long as they are together, Stacia is content living anywhere.

Nate has now formally confessed his love for Stacia. Nate exclaims to his wife, “My heart is opening up, and I’m loving you more every single day.” He still has trouble living up to Stacia’s standards, though. The bride admits that she occasionally feels content. As he said, I can be a moving target due of my high expectations, therefore I just want it consistently.

Regarding their future, they aren’t exactly in agreement yet. Nate believes that children are at least a couple of years away and wants to strengthen their “emotional connection” more. She wants children within a year.

Stacia Karcher And Nate Barnes Are Stay Married

Although Stacia and Nate had matching tattoos and were visually compatible, Stacia’s trust concerns and Nate’s communication shortcomings posed the toughest challenges for them during MAFS season 15. Stacia and Nate often reinforced their commitment to improving their marriage despite its rocky beginning. The couple decided to remain together after MAFS on Decision Day.

Are Nate And Stacia Still Together?

Certainly, Nate and Stacia have gone through their fair share of highs and lows. In the most recent “Married At First Sight” episode, the pair took some time apart to consider their union. Nate moving into Stacia’s home was brought up while Stacia and Nate were talking about their marriage with their loved ones. Instead of a shared experience, Nate thought the move would make him feel like he was living in Stacia’s home.

Stacia Karcher And Nate Barnes Are Stay Married
Stacia Karcher And Nate Barnes Are Stay Married

After that, Nate and Stacia’s dinner date got heated as they reunited for their final solo date before breaking up in the hours before Decision Day. Nate asked Stacia if she had any other faults that he was unaware of. Stacia replied by saying that she had been open with him about her flaws. She added that she was concerned about whether he would still love her in the future, to which Nate reacted angrily.

He claims that although he is getting there and his love for her is growing, Stacia is impatient. Nate and Stacia soon parted ways after a disagreement. Nate also stated that he values their friendship, despite Stacia’s declaration that she has no regrets regarding their relationship. However, it is clear that the two need to work hard to overcome their differences when there are problems.

One goes exceedingly quickly even when experiencing love and feelings, whereas the other likes a slower pace. But will they reconcile and decide to stay together? Even though Nate and Stacia occasionally disagree, they have historically made a number of accommodations for one another.

The two have been more open to one another throughout the course of the season. Therefore, it won’t be shocking if the pair chooses to remain together. We are left with no choice but to wait until Decision Day to learn the answer.

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