Are Lindy And Miguel Still Together From Married At First Sight?

Are Lindy And Miguel Still Together? It seems that Lindy and Miguel have made their relationship permanent. Soon, they may even decide to establish a family. The pair is committed to their marriage, but each has problems that need attention.

Despite their difficulties, Distractify claims Lindy and Miguel have been together since Decision Day in Married at First Sight. Meaww claims that Lindy and Miguel each have their unique take on love. Lindy isn’t shy about letting her feelings be known, but her actions make Miguel feel frustrated.

When the two of them are arguing or fighting, he withdraws his love and affection, which makes Lindy more upset. Fans speculate that Miguel and Lindy’s relationship won’t continue because he seems to have an issue with Lindy’s fury.

Though Lindy and Miguel appear to have a healthy marriage in the Married at First Sight Season 15 Reunion special, not many couples are as fortunate as them. While some teams have decided to end their relationship altogether, others are slowly but surely moving in the right direction.

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What’s The Status Of Lindy And Miguel’s Relationship?

As of November 2022, Married at FiSightht’s, Lindy and Miguel are still very much in love and happily married. TV Insider reports that the couple is actively seen for a time to begin a family. Upon settling into the ideal community, they begin preparations for a child.

Unfortunately, as we already indicated, their clumsy verbal exchanges also produced a minor commotion during their search for a new home. Miguel initially refused to accompany his wife house hunting, but they eventually persuaded him to come along. He also acknowledged the possibility that the couple could mend their differences and move on with plans to start a family.

Screenrant claims that neither Lindy nor Miguel are on Instagram, making it challenging for their fans and followers to get a glimpse into their private live real-time. To their credit, the pair has successfully kept their private life off the internet and the radar.

MAFS, Lindy And Miguel Are Still Together

Compared to the other couples on MAFS 15, viewers strongly believe that physical therapist Lindy (age 29) and assistant medical director Miguel (age 35) are the season’s best match. Whether participating in exciting honeymoon activities or meeting one other’s families, MAFS viewers are confident that Lindy and Miguel will have a long and happy marriage.

Considering how popular Lindy and Miguel are this season, viewers all over the country are wondering how their story will develop in the remaining episodes and after production has wrapped.

Lindy And Miguel's Relationship
Lindy And Miguel’s Relationship

Production for this season finished in late March or early ApLindy, and Miguel may have stayed together after MAFS even though they have their issues, just like dozens of other MAFS couples.

MAFSFan is an Instagram account that has supplied potential spoilers and behind-the-scenes information to its 85,000 followers since MAFS season 12. statement count claims three couples from MAFS season 15, including Lindy and Miguel, chose “Yes” and remained married on Decision Day.

MAFSFan has hinted that one pair will break up before Decision Day, but it seems likely that Lindsey and Miguel will be together throughout MAFS season 15. There is speculation that Lindy and Miguel will remain a happy couple not only on Decision Day, but also in August of 2022.

Some of the season 15 cast of “Modern Family” can be found on Instagram, but unfortunately, all of the cast mem with social media accounts have them set to private. This decision was probably mandated by TLC, which does not want to reveal the outcomes of the Season 15 couples until after all episodes have aired.


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It would be more surprising if Lindy and Miguel divorced than if they stayed together, given the lack of online discussion about their relations. Even though Lindy and Miguel have a strong shot at making it as a pair on MAFS, they still have a lot of issues to resolve over the rest of season 15.

The San Diego couple, for example, may have very different conceptions of love, as was explored in the most recent episode. Still, both Lindy and Miguel have garnered positive feedback from MAFS viewers as individuals and as a couple, and the 15th season is just getting started.

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