Ansel Elgort Girlfriend: Is He And Violetta Still Together In 2022?

Who Is Ansel Elgort Girlfriend? Even A-list celebs who find it challenging to maintain relationships due to conflicting schedules have destinies predetermined by the stars. Ansel Elgort’s on-again, off-again romance with his fiancée is maybe one such fated pairing. They’ve known one other since high school and have been together.

Violetta Komyshan may be most known as the girlfriend of the actor from “The Fault in Our Stars,” but she has also established herself as an accomplished artist in her own right. Komyshan, the daughter of Ukrainian refugees, began her career as a dancer.

According to The Famous People, she began taking dance classes in Manhattan when she was 11 years old and graduated from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School with a dance major, where she met a young Ansel Elgort, who was pursuing a career in acting.

She then continued her ballet education at the American Academy of Dance in Paris and performed with the Paris Opera Ballet. When images of Komyshan with Algort started making the rounds, her popularity skyrocketed.

Her current influence stems mainly from her large Instagram following and constant uploads of fitness videos. Although she is not a well-known actress, Komyshan did make a cameo in her boyfriend’s film The Billionaire Boys Club and starred in his music video for “Thief” in 2017.

Ansel Elgort Girlfriend

While both were attending New York’s LaGuardia High School in 2012, Ansel began dating Violetta. Canadian-born dancer Violetta shared the story of their romance’s early days with Cosmopolitan a few years ago. She speculated that he had noticed her because they had a lunch break.

We were out and about together when he started talking about something that happened down the street. I had no idea he attended my school; I found him handsome. My friend and I spoke when he strolled up to us and asked, “What’s good?” I looked at him and exclaimed, “Oh my god, that boy is so hot,” and she responded, “Oh, that’s Ansel.

He goes to LaGuardia.” I thought he was into her! After school the next day, he was waiting for me and had our mutual friend introduce us, and I thought, “Okay, he obviously loved me yesterday,” so I forced her to accompany us to Starbucks. We became friends, swapped numbers, and eventually began dating at the end of my sophomore year.

Prior to Ansel’s meteoric rise to fame as a result of his role in The Fault in Our Stars, Violetta and him were an item. According to rumors, he broke up with her in August 2014 because of his hectic work schedule. However, they reconciled by the beginning of 2015.

Just fine, actually. Ansel remarked in an interview, “But I realized something was missing, and I was like, Oh, that’s love.” The two then began making public appearances together, such as at basketball games and the premieres of his films The Divergent Series: Allegiant (in 2016) and Baby Driver (in 2017). (in 2017).

Both Ansel and Violetta made appearances in the music video for his 2017 single “Thief,” and the two were seen walking the red carpet together at the 90th Academy Awards in March 2018.

Violetta Komyshan’s Relationship With Ansel Elgort

During their time together in high school, Violetta Komyshan and Ansel Elgort were fast friends. Komyshan reflected on their initial meeting in a 2017 interview with Cosmopolitan. “And there I was, walking down the street with my buddy while he went about his business.

He caught my eye, and I remarked to my buddy, “Oh, my God, that man is so handsome.” She responded, “Oh, that’s Ansel, he goes to LaGuardia.” “What she had said at the time. We became friends, swapped numbers, and eventually began dating at the end of my sophomore year.

Since then, it seems the two have been on and off again. According to Us Weekly, the couple’s relationship suffered because of Elgort’s hectic filming schedule. Elgort’s 2014 breakthrough film, “The Fault in Our Stars,” was the first stumbling block in their relationship.

Did Ansel Elgort And Violetta Komyshan Split?
Did Ansel Elgort And Violetta Komyshan Split?

A source told Us that year that Elgort was the one who stopped things because “they attempted to manage his responsibilities, but between filming and promotion for the movies [it grew impossible].” Next year, he and Komyshan were back together.

Their relationship has been rough since then, but they seem to be stronger than ever. People reported that Komyshan attended the premiere of Elgort’s most recent film, “West Side Story,” with him, and the two made a cute couple.

Did Ansel Elgort And Violetta Komyshan Split?

Ansel and Violetta haven’t addressed the breakup rumors circulating for weeks. Both were apparently in Paris, France, in early July, although they did not appear to follow each other on Instagram. Ansel and Violetta were first seen in public on April 24 at the Broadway premiere of Funny Girl.

On May 2nd, following the Met Gala, the couple was spotted holding each other at an afterparty in New York City. Fresh from the A-list celebration, Ansel and Violetta reportedly spent $760,000 for an East 10th Street loft in Greenwich Village, according to property records obtained by the New York Post.

The on-again, off-again relationship between Ansel and Violetta has been going on for years, so when the Goldfinch actor added, “I’d like to find a lot more love,” it caused some people to take notice.

No sexual connotations are required. After telling The Sunday Times in 2019 that “I could be done sexually with my girlfriend,” he eventually broke up with her. “I think we’ve made it plain that I want the ability to freely fall in love with people and that it should be open, but sexually, it can be blocked off,” she said.

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