Are Dan And Phil Still Dating? Are They Still Together As A Couple?

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Dan And Phil GAMES if you’re a fan of gaming video providers on YouTube. Dan Howell and Phil Lester, two Brits who make up a popular YouTube channel, have entertained viewers for over a decade with their witty banter and impressive gaming prowess, garnering a large and loyal fan base.

Fans are curious about Dan and Phil’s relationship beyond platonic friendship, even though gaming is the primary focus of their combined channel. What I mean is, are Dan and Phil dating? As far as we can tell, this is how they are connected.

Who Is Dan Howell?

The English YouTuber, host, and presenter Daniel James Howell is also a published novelist. In the wake of his YouTube channel’s launch, he gained instant fame. He has almost 6 million members because he consistently produces high-quality content.

Furthermore, he and his best friend Phil work under the moniker DanAndPhilGAMES. Dan’s natural ease in front of cameras can be attributed to his years spent performing at the Wokingham Youth Theater. In 2009, he finished high school and then took a year off to travel and explore the world before returning to The Forest School.

During this year off, he began making videos for his channel as a hobby. After taking a year off, he enrolled in law school at the University of Manchester. In any case, he quit for lack of enthusiasm. He turned down other job offers to focus on radio hosting and video blogging.

Who Is Phil Lester?

Phil’s birthday is January 30th, and he was born in Lancashire. He and his younger sibling, Martyn, grew up together. Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School were where both of them received their education.

He attended the University of York and earned a BA in English Language and Linguistics in 2008. From the same school, he made an MA in video postproduction and VFX in 2009. Before he became a YouTube sensation, he worked as a dog walker and car washer.

His resume includes time spent working in a veterinary clinic and even a film role. He was well-prepared for his current career as a Youtuber, thanks to his previous experiences.

Are Dan And Phil Still Dating?

Dan publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation and shared his affections for Phil in a video posted to his channel in 2019. As the gamer put it, “it was more than simply a love affair” when speaking of his connection with his channel partner. “Someone who was concerned about my well-being like this exists.

I had faith in them. I finally felt secure for the first time since I was a little kid… we are truly best friends. In the sense of being inseparable, perfect partners.” Dan didn’t say much more about their relationship status after that, saying to viewers in the same video, “I’m sure a lot of people want to know a lot more than that, which I take as a compliment,” before adding, “I want to keep my personal life private; Phil is same.”

Within a short time, Phil posted his own YouTube coming-out video, although it didn’t elaborate on his relationship with Dan. Although they announced on Twitter in 2021 that they had purchased a home together, their relationship status as an internet couple has evolved in recent years.

Dan and Phil’s last joint gaming video was posted on December 24th, 2018. After that, Phil kept uploading to his channel, while Dan decided to take a two-year hiatus from YouTube. Despite this, Dan has occasionally appeared on Phil’s channel, such as in this video from 2021.

They talked about the potential comeback of their merged gaming channel in January of 2021. We haven’t taken some big decision behind closed doors to never return,” Dan remarked. “Please be patient with me. We might get back into it and start streaming on Twitch at some point. Perhaps in the future, we can accomplish similar things.”

Phil elaborated, saying, “We didn’t know how long the pause was going to be, and we didn’t anticipate it.” However, “for the time being, it’s still like, we don’t know.” In May of 2022, however, Dan uploaded a video to his channel titled “Why I Quit YouTube.”

Stress, mental health, and “the battle between generating material and being content” were all factors in his decision to take a break, as he highlighted in the letter. Dan has added a couple more episodes of his new show Dystopia Daily.

In fact, on September 7, 2022, Dan and Phil finally told the truth in a video titled “Dan and Phil Finally Tell the Truth.” If you hope for details about their relationship to be part of that reality, you’ll be disappointed.

Phil added that everyone wants a piece of their life because people disclose too much online. Accordingly, “I prefer to maintain an air of mystery and reserve.” While Phil spoke coolly, Dan interrupted with his trademark humor to exclaim, “you need to mind your f—ing business!”

Now you know the deal, guys! Even if we don’t know where Dan and Phil’s relationship stands, we do know that their fans are thrilled to see them thriving and working together again to create entertainment.

Are They Still Together As A Couple?
Are They Still Together As A Couple?

Are Dan And Phil Still Together As A Couple?

Dan and Phil moved in together around 2011 or so. They resided for a long time in Phil’s Manchester apartment. They then uprooted to London and began living together in a shared flat.

They decided to move to a different London apartment since they were unhappy where they had been living. They stayed for over a year before moving into a home they bought together. “The box boys are now officially homeowning gays,” the captions read.

Dan Howell Opens Up About His Relationship

After several individuals questioned Dan’s romantic life, he decided to open up. The YouTuber has been open about his desire to maintain privacy in his private life.

Intended as a compliment, his response was, “I’m sure a lot of people want to know a lot more than that,” but here’s the catch. My private life is something I’d rather not talk about. “Phil is just like that.”

Dan gave the impression that he would never publicly acknowledge being in a relationship. Meanwhile, Phil has been mum about what’s going on.

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