Actress Caterina Scorsone Saved Her Children From a House Fire

The “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Caterina Scorsone claimed on social media on Monday that she managed to flee her blazing Southern California home in just two minutes, saving her three children from a house fire “a couple of months ago.”

Along with a snapshot of the fire damage in her home, Scorsone posted on Instagram, “Smoke began to seep up through the grout surrounding the tub while getting my kids ready for bed and finishing bath time.” “A river of thick, black smoke had already formed and was engulfing the home when I peered down the corridor.”

Scorsone omitted information regarding the precise time and place of the fire, as well as whether or not the cause had been determined by the authorities. Scorsone, who is best known for her role as Dr. Amelia Shepherd in the medical drama series, stressed how quickly the fire spread and mentioned that four animals perished in the incident.

Actress Caterina Scorsone Saved Her Children From a House Fire

With only our shoes on our feet, Scorsone writes, “I had about two minutes to get my three kids out of the home.” “And still, we left. And I will always be grateful for that. We tragically lost all four of our animals. Although we are still grieving that loss, we are fortunate to have known them at all.”

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To “say farewell to the creatures that loved us so well,” Scorsone posted a collection of pictures of her dog, three cats, and a cat. She also expressed gratitude to her family, friends, and “community” for helping her family following the tragedy.

She praised the firefighters, school parents, and her “Grey’s Anatomy” cast for their assistance in putting her family back on their feet, saying that the letter was “a love letter to the great people that showed up and the incredible ways that they did.”

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What we discovered, according to Scorsone, is that the only thing that matters are the people (and beings) that you love. “Community is the only thing that matters. Without it, we would not be here, and we are appreciative.”


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