Taylor Swift Fans Take Ticketmaster to Court

On Monday, supporters of Taylor Swift will have their first court appearance as part of the Ticketmaster case. When the artist released tickets for her “Eras” tour in November, the fans claim that the firm purposefully misled them.

Fans who are suing Ticketmaster contend that the firm, which controls 70% of the market, is a monopoly and that it takes advantage of those who want to see their favorite musicians perform live. In response to improper ticket sales, more than two dozen Swifties filed a class action lawsuit.

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The plaintiff’s attorney, Jennifer Kinder, stated that “these are just families with kids who tried hard and adhered to all the rules to try and purchase tickets but in most cases, they were unable to do so or, if they did, they paid such an exorbitant price that it violates the antitrust provisions of the laws that were enacted by our country.”

The president and CFO of Live Nation, the company that owns Ticketmaster, have been invited to testify before Congress and the Department of Justice over the problem of ticket sales.

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In a statement released a few months back, Ticketmaster said that demand for Taylor Swift’s tour was abnormally strong and blamed some ticket sales issues on robots, scalpers, and the secondary market.


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