Who Is Clare Crawley Dating? Is Star Of The Bachelorette In Relationship?

During Season 16 of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley, the show’s leading lady, may be seen leaning into the arms of her new man. Do not panic; it is neither Dale Moss nor Blake Monar. Before delving into her personal life, we need to establish your familiarity with Clare Crawley’s public persona.

There was a contestant named Clare Crawley on Season 18 of The Bachelor. In the same, she placed second. Although she returned for the first Bachelor in Paradise season, she left after the fifth week. After that, she returned for the second Bachelor in Paradise season, only to be ousted in week three.

The news that she would be on The Bachelorette for the 16th season aired on March 2, 2020. Clare, a native Californian, enjoys spending her time performing yoga, taking hikes with her pals, and playing with her two dogs, Elby and Honey. She’s found her calling as a hairstylist and can’t wait to meet the man whose hair she’ll one day style.

She uses her late father as an example of the kind of man she would like to marry. Join her on her journey as she searches for a soulmate who can live life to the fullest with the same strength and kindness as she does. Must Check Is Snoop Dogg Dating Martha Stewart?

Who Is Clare Crawley Dating Now?

It’s been about a year since Clare’s relationship with Dale ended, and in that time, she’s found love with someone else. The ex-Bachelorette revealed her relationship status on September 6 by posting a video on Instagram with an unidentified male companion.

Clare and her boyfriend drove around while singing “Go Crazy” by Chris Brown and Yung Thug. She put “Him” and a pink heart emoji in the video’s description. A source told Us Weekly that 41-year-old Clare is dating a man named Ryan Dawkins. However, she never confirmed the relationship publicly.

About a year before they made their social media relationship public, Clare and Ryan reportedly became acquaintances, per the source. Even though they’d been dating for a while, Clare kept telling her fans about it until they’d “established a good, strong foundation.”

Moreover, the insider disclosed that Ryan is a father and that he isn’t dating the reality star for publicity. “He’s mature, career-driven, and a fantastic father,” the source gushed. In contrast to her previous partners, “he isn’t in it for fame.” Mascot Sports is a marketing firm, and Ryan, the CEO, says the outlet.

Clare was previously linked to former contestant Blake Monar and comedian Jeff Dye before she made things official with Ryan. Nothing was ever established between them, and it’s evident that the lead has moved on with Ryan.

Whom Else Has Clare Crawley Dated?

Juan Pablo Galavis

The first time Clare tried to win Juan Pablo’s heart was on season 18 of The Bachelorette. Even though the ex-soccer player dumped the California girl in favor of Nikki Ferrell in the season finale, Clare was more “disappointed” that the protagonist “chose to tell something no woman wants to hear” behind the scenes.

Robert Graham

Robert, a contestant from 2013’s “The Bachelorette” with Desiree Hartsock, was Clare’s first date on the premiere of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which aired that summer. One week into dating, he gave Clare a rose that promptly died.

Benoit Beauséjour-Savard

Clare and the star of ‘The Bachelorette’ Canada met on the first season of Bachelor Winter Games in 2018 and recently announced their engagement. After filming wrapped, Clare returned home alone, but the two later reconciled, and he proposed during a February live broadcast. The breakup occurred in April.

Whom Has Clare Crawley Dated?
Whom Has Clare Crawley Dated?

Christian Rauch

Despite being engaged to Benoit, Clare had previously been involved in a love triangle with Christian.

Dale Moss

After less than two weeks of filming for The Bachelorette, Clare, and participant Dale Moss got engaged on camera. In 2022, Clare Crawley is single, so who is she seeing? Familiarize yourself with Clare’s Past Relationships. The two had “severe troubles,” according to an Us report from January 2021, and their breakup was later confirmed. After some time, Moss announced the split on social media.

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Blake Monar

Reports of Clare Crawley and Blake Monar’s alleged relationship surfaced in January 2022. After that moment, they began a rapid ascent to a unique and intimate bond. When asked about dating, Clare and Blake said, “We never even went on a date.

An insider informed Us Weekly on Tuesday, August 23, that the two had gotten together on a few occasions and enjoyed spending time together. And according to the source, Clare, 41, was “still mending from her very public, terrible breakup with Dale Mole” when she started seeing Blake, 33, at the beginning of this year.

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