Ross Douthat ’02, a journalist for the New York Times, has written a heartbreaking and evocative memoir titled “The Deep Places:

The Gazette spoke with Douthat about his experiences with Lyme disease, the controversies surrounding the disease, his eventual recovery,.

Douthat switched religions twice during his formative years, first to Pentecostalism and later, with his family, to Catholicism. Patricia Snow, his mother, is a published author.

Abigail Tucker, a journalist for The Baltimore Sun and a writer for Smithsonian, and Ross Douthat tied the knot in 2007. He and his family make their home in New Haven.

Ross Douthat, a New York Times columnist, and his wife purchased a 1790s farmhouse on three acres of Connecticut pasture after feeling the tug of home and becoming worn out by life on Capitol Hill.

Douthat is experiencing unusual vibrations in his head and lips, a swollen lymph node, and a stiff neck at home in Washington, D.C.

The emergency room physician blames stress, as do an internist, neurology, rheumatologist, and gastroenterologist on future visits.

Many people believe this because it’s true; most cases of Lyme disease respond well to treatment in less than two weeks.