Why Did Anne Heche And Ellen Break Up: Are They Still Together?

When a photographer questioned Ellen DeGeneres about her ex-girlfriend Anne Heche’s terrible car accident last week, she responded in an unexpectedly brusque manner. Heche, who was 53 years old, was pronounced legally dead at a hospital on Saturday while she was still being monitored to see whether her organs could be donated.

DeGeneres, 64, tweeted in response to her passing, calling it a “sad day” and wishing “Anne’s children, family, and friends all the love in the world.” When asked if she had checked in on her ex-girlfriend of three years earlier on Thursday, she gave a chilly reaction that drew criticism.

No, have not, DeGeneres said plainly. I wouldn’t know because we don’t communicate with one another. DeGeneres again kept her response brief when asked if she wanted to wish Heche any luck. “Sure … She added, “I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

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The photographer noted that the incident had been extremely risky, allowing the celebrity one more chance to express her support for her ex. DeGeneres said, “Sure was,” and then turned to go, walking to her car.

During their three-year relationship, from 1997 to 2000, DeGeneres and Heche were undoubtedly the most well-known same-sex pair in Hollywood. They haven’t really talked about one other in the media since they parted ways, with DeGeneres going on to greater professional heights with her long-running talk show and happy marriage to Australian actress Portia de Rossi.

Heche, on the other hand, experienced a very public breakdown following her breakup with DeGeneres, as well as a years-long career decline that she blamed on the pair’s unprecedentedly public relationship.

Who Is Anne Heche?

Throughout her acting career, Anne Heche had a number of romances. She passed away on August 12, 2022, at the age of 53 after being involved in a fiery vehicle accident while allegedly under the influence of cocaine.

This list of people the soap star has been romantically associated with over the years includes everything from her long-term romance with Ellen DeGeneres to her marriage to Coleman Laffoon and an alleged affair with Vince Vaughn.

Ellen DeGeneres And Anne Heche’s Past relationship

At a Vanity Fair party in 1997, Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche first connected and hit it off. In a 1998 interview with the Tampa Bay Times, the former talked openly about their encounter.

At the 1997 Volcano premiere, the pair made their red carpet debut. Later, the actress discussed the incident in the 2018 Irish Goodbye podcast and said that someone had forewarned her that the appearance would result in her losing her Fox contract.

Heche further claimed that the couple lost their jobs as a result of being escorted out of the event. DeGeneres additionally said to the Tampa Bay Times that she desired to leave Anne Heche’s life in order to safeguard her profession.

Why Did Anne Heche And Ellen Break Up?

In 1997, shortly after Heche’s breakup with Martin, Ellen DeGeneres and Heche made their relationship public. Just one day before their romance made headlines, she had been chosen to star opposite Harrison Ford in the movie “Six Days, Seven Nights.”

Heche expressed concern about how her career might be affected by coming out as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community since she thought Hollywood had blacklisted her. The “Save Me” actress allegedly told Page Six in October 2021 that she went ten years without acting in a studio film.

“I was sacked from a $10 million movie deal and never appeared in a studio film.” Heche was proud of herself, nevertheless, for having to endure criticism in order to defy societal convention.

She explained to us, “Those consequences that happened are to me what has produced a portion of the shift.” “I take part in it. A badge of glory, indeed. Despite the success, Heche and DeGeneres ended their relationship permanently in August 2000. We part ways amicably and are grateful for our time together over the past 3 and a half years.

When Did Anne Heche And Ellen Break Up
When Did Anne Heche And Ellen Break Up

When did Anne Heche split from Ellen DeGeneres?

One of the first openly gay couples in the mainstream, Anne and Ellen dated for three years, from 1997 to 2000. It is said that they talked about forming a civil partnership in the hopes that it would become accepted.

They agreed to part ways peacefully and jointly made the shocking announcement, which surprised many. A day after the announcement, Anne showed up at a stranger’s home wanting to use the shower while wearing pajamas. After letting her use the shower, the homeowner dialed 911.

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