Suspect in Custody After Shooting 3 Officers, Barricading Himself in Home

Two officers were shot after they engaged the person they believed to be the shooter of a Harris County deputy on Wednesday night.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez of Harris County said this is taking place in the 11500 block of Silhouette Ridge, close to Summercreek High School.

Gonzalez stated that they fear Terran Green, the suspect, may be blocked at the scene.

Two law enforcement officers have been shot as a result of gunfire.

Gonzalez stated that the condition of the cops is unknown.

Both officers are thought to be from the US Marshal’s Office, with one working for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. A third member of the US Marshals Service sustained an upper arm injury from shrapnel.

Gonzalez remarked, “Please keep away from the area as this is a busy scene.

Gonzalez identified the setting as a house.

“We believe we have the location contained and there is no immediate threat to broader community. It’s unknown if others are inside the house,” he said.

The injured police officers are being transported to a hospital. According to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the injured HCSO officer and the US Marshal’s Office deputy are reportedly undergoing treatment at Kingwood Hospital and are in good health.

Police in Standoff with Armed Suspect

As law enforcement approached the house Green is thought to be inside, a Ring doorbell camera from a house down the street recorded the events.

In a another video, law enforcement is seen responding with what appears to be a robot.

The standoff was still going on around 10 p.m.

“We’re still trying to resolve the situation peacefully out here and give the suspect every opportunity to turn himself in peacefully,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez claimed that earlier on Thursday, investigators visited the house in search of Green’s likely location.

“As they began to make contact with individuals at the house, they determined that he was indeed possibly in the house. As they began to make entry into the home, they were greeted by gunfire,” Gonzalez said.

There was no way for law enforcement to retaliate. The suspect holed up in the house after they withdrew.

Both an HCSO Swat unit and a hostage negotiation team are present.

“By all indications, he is alone inside the home,” Gonzalez said.

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The wounded marshal’s office employees are doing well, according to Josh Wright, Chief Deputy of the US Marshal’s for the Southern District of Texas.

“Family is surrounding them and we are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers,” Wright said.

Regarding the suspect’s relationship to the scene, Gonzalez said they think he might have known someone there.

“We believe that its just known individuals to the suspect Green, we don’t know beyond that right now,” Gonzalez said.

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