Who Is Seulgi Dating: Is She In A Relationship With Anyone?

Kang Seulgi, the main dancer and lead vocalist for Red Velvet, is one of the most popular k-pop idols among the followers. Everyone enjoys keeping up with what their favourite idol is doing, whether they are in the media or among the fans.

Fans are incredibly interested in everything about Seulgi, from their schedules for comebacks and interviews to their romantic relationships. Seulgi has occasionally been linked to various persons since her K-pop breakthrough. The netizens have also expressed their conflicted feelings, continuing the previous tradition of idols not being permitted to date. But the admirers have always stood up for their heroes.

Seulgi will soon reach the milestone of 20 years in the business after joining SM Entertainment in 2007 as a trainee k-pop idol. She debuted in 2014 as a member of Red Velvet. Red Velvet is the only K-pop band to have performed in North Korea and is well known for its music, dance, and theatrical performances.

Seulgi has advanced considerably since joining Red Velvet. From being the lead dancer to being a member of a sub-unit, she also participated in several other SM Entertainment’s popular k-pop ventures. Fans are almost completely informed about Seulgi, but they are still unsure of who their favourite K-pop star is dating.

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Who Has Seulgi Dated?

Seulgi, like other celebrities, is careful to keep her private life, including her romantic relationships, under wraps, but we will keep this page updated with any new information we hear.  It’s safe to assume that Seulgi has dated at least once before. When it comes to relationships, Seulgi is a virgin. We are now conducting research into past encounters and dates.

The dating rumours around Seulgis online are inconsistent. Finding out who Seulgi is dating is easy, but keeping track of all her flings, hookups, and breakups is more difficult. It’s already challenging to keep track of everyone the stars have dated.

Is Seulgi Dating Anyone?

Fans have been debating on social media if Seulgi is dating someone, despite there being no official confirmation either way. Fans of Seulgi have a lot to talk about, from the singer’s inability to date men to elaborate conspiracies. The reports may be an attempt to deceive fans into thinking Red Velvet won’t return.

According to certain fans, the rumours of Jennie and Seulgi dating started yesterday. I said, “OMG, a Black Velvet collaboration is on the horizon!” In the words of another, “SM was the one that concocted that phony seulgi dating rumour they’re trying to distract us from a red velvet comeback!” To spread the word about Seulgi’s back catalogue, some fans even made up bogus dating exposé posts.

It was written, “Dispatch confirmed Seulgi from Red Velvet is dating! Sources indicate SM has been dating this individual for almost a year, but she hasn’t verified it. It’s me. Now that I’ve started dating her, A second tweet said something along the lines of, “sorry me but seulgi isn’t dating an m*n she’s dating me!”

Red Velvet Seulgi And Julien Kang Dating Rumors

In 2018, the member of Red Velvet known as Seulgi was said to be romantically involved with a model known as Julien Kang. This is a direct result of their presence in the Mexican episode of “Law of the Jungle.” The two made their debuts on the show as cast members in Episodes 320 through 324.

Red Velvet Seulgi And Julien Kang Dating Rumors
Red Velvet Seulgi And Julien Kang Dating Rumors

When the pilot episode of the show was broadcast, the cast members got together to watch it together for the first time. People instantly recognized that Julien Kang and Seulgi were sitting next to each other in the images that were released online from their get-together after seeing them in the photos together at their get-together.

People said that Seulgi was resting her head on Julien Kang, which was taken as evidence that the two were at ease with one another behind the scenes. This gave rise to rumours that the two celebrities were working on a secret project together at the same time.

The proximity of the two subjects in the photographs led many people to conclude that they had an intimate relationship with one another. People also asserted that while they were filming “Law of the Jungle in Mexico,” the two seemed to get along well with one another and form a connection.

This added fuel to the fire, as others began to assert that the reality show was more along the lines of a dating show for the two participants in the survival show.

Even though Julien Kang and Seulgi have a 12-year age gap between them, rumours have been spreading like wildfire. Julien Kang’s Instagram has been flooded with comments from users who are curious about the artist’s relationship with the model.

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