Is Seth Macfarlane Dating Now? Are He And Anne Winters In A Relationship?

Who Is Seth MacFarlane Dating Now? Ladies, if you’re a fan of animated or comedic TV shows, you’ve probably heard of Seth MacFarlane. The American young man has made a name for himself in various creative fields. Wow, that’s quite a list.

A second category for which he is famous is the attractive women with whom he has been associated. We think it’s only fair to highlight his accomplishments and works before we go into his vast list of relationships. After all, he’s a skilled professional in his chosen career.

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Seth MacFarlane: A Talented Man Whose Life Is to Be Envied Of

Probably Seth MacFarlane’s most well-known work is the animated comedy ‘Family Guy,’ although he has many accomplishments to his credit. Twenty-three times he has been nominated for an Emmy, and five times he has won.

Five of Seth’s musical compositions from “Family Guy,” “Music Is Better Than Words,” “No One Ever Tells You,” and “In Full Swing” have been nominated for Grammy Awards. In addition, the film “Ted,” which he co-wrote, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2013.

As of 2019, the actor from Connecticut has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Plus, in 2020, he was admitted into the Television Hall of Fame for his many accomplishments and services to the television series industry.

Highly skilled, widely praised, and financially secure. These are perhaps among the many reasons Seth had gotten so many beautiful women to fall for him. Many well-known actresses, including Trisha Cummings, Emilia Clarke, and Anne Winters.


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The question remains, what exactly is it about Seth that has so many beautiful women smitten with him? Finally, we can start tackling this!

In 2022, Do Seth Macfarlane and Anne Winters Have a Relationship?

Everyone knows Seth MacFarlane as the “Family Guy” cartoon creator. In total, he has received 23 Emmy nominations and won 5.

Additionally, he has five Grammy Award nominations. One of the songs he co-wrote for the film “Ted” was nominated for an Academy Award that year. Does Seth Macfarlane date Anne Winters in 2022? Former Relationship with Helen Schrage

Seth was wealthy, talented, and critically acclaimed, so naturally, he had wooed many stunning ladies. You may recognize names like Trisha Cummings, Emilia Clarke, Halston Sage, and Anne Winters.

Before her role in “The Orville,” she has recognized as a high school student “It” from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. She and her partner, Seth, have been working on a TV program together recently.

It all started with her short film Gloria. In 2009, she first enrolled in school. Following her debut, she continued to act in projects such as A Christmas Show, Summer Camp, and In My Pocket.

Their present age of Anne is 28. They complement each other quite well, despite their age difference. What’s more, they’ve proved that age is of no consequence. They defended their age difference and made an effort to strengthen their bond throughout their passionate times together.

Anne posted a story in December last year in which Seth and Anne were observed holding hands and watching a movie together. Because of the intimate size of the location, the fans felt they were on a romantic getaway.

Seth MacFarlane Dating History
Seth MacFarlane Dating History

Who Has Seth MacFarlane Dated?

After breaking up with Halston Sage, he dated his current girlfriend, Anne Winter. Lieutenant Alara Kitan was introduced to Seth MacFarlane by Halston Sage, who played her for the first two seasons of “The Orville.”

While Seth and Halston have been spotted on dates, they have avoided discussing their budding romance. They also engaged in some amiable banter on Instagram, with frequent mentions of and shout-outs to one another.

Helen Schrage, Halston’s grandmother, discovered the bone that established their family connection. Neither partner was happy about the couple’s decision to split up in 2019.

For personal reasons, Halston decided to leave “The Orville” after the third episode of Season 2. They (FOX) did not explain her departure from the show. According to reports, MacFarlane is seeing his co-star on The Orville.

Anne Winters

In December 2021, Winters reportedly uploaded an Instagram story showing the couple cuddling, seemingly confirming the romance. Since then, however, neither MacFarlane nor Winters have provided any additional information to confirm the rumours.

Emila Clarke

MacFarlane’s romance with British actress Emilia Clarke was notably publicized. As far as we can tell, they are dated 2012 and 2013. The Game of Thrones actress talked about her past relationship with the creator of Family Guy in an April 2016 interview with Glamour.

During her time in New York with her then-boyfriend, she recalled an occasion when a fan had questioned her decision to date MacFarlane. When asked if she was dating anyone at the time of the interview, she said no.

 — Melissa F. Olson (@MelissaFOlson) January 14, 2019

Amanda Bynes

It was speculated that MacFarlane was dating former child star and actress Amanda Bynes when she voiced a Family Guy character in 2008. A public declaration of their relationship status was never made because of the short duration of the connection.

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