Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Release Date, Platforms, and Price

The release of Cyberpunk 2077’s lone significant expansion, Phantom Liberty, is drawing near. New adventures, stories, locales, characters, and powers are all part of the highly anticipated DLC, and they’ll be joined by a massive upgrade to the core game that includes long-requested gameplay additions.

We’ve gathered all the information we have about Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty in preparation for the upcoming expansion and base game update, including the release date, platforms, price, gameplay updates, story elements, and more. For a more in-depth look at Phantom Liberty, be sure to check out our preview.

Teaser Featuring Edris Elba as Solomon Reed in Film

The new cinematic video for Cyberpunk 2077’s next expansion, Phantom Liberty, premiered at the top of today’s Night City Wire. Using the same high-quality cinematics as the rest of the game, we watch as Idris Elba’s retired spy Solomon Reed leaves Night City via train.

On it, he has a conversation with the new Cyberpunk 2077 Netrunner whom players will meet during Phantom Liberty known as Song So Mi (or her alias, Songbird).

After a brief struggle with a few guards, Reed is shot dead after realizing his leave has been compromised, possibly by Song So Mi. Seven years later, we see Songbird and President Rosalind Myers of the New United States of America aboard a spaceship.

The spaceship was flying over Night City when suddenly it was struck by a missile and destroyed. And with that, the trailer concludes and the player’s journey aboard the Phantom Liberty starts.

After the screening, Elba gave some commentary on his role, describing his character as “a complicated spy.” You may be aware of his potential, but you cannot be sure that you can rely on him. Since Phantom Liberty is an espionage thriller, he hints that the players should be on the lookout for any discrepancies, as nothing is as it seems. Elba says that Reed is very committed to his profession and enjoys it very much.

He also discussed the new Dogtown area of Night City, which is under the hands of Phantom Liberty’s militia and criminals, and how it is the most deadly portion of the city. He also comments on how large it is.

Release Date for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Release Date for Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

On September 26, you may purchase Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Below is a complete rundown of all supported devices.

Phantom Liberty Platforms & Cost in Cyberpunk 2077

PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) will all be able to play Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty upon its release. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will not receive the expansion.

The cost of Phantom Liberty is $30 (USD). For the same price of $80 USD, those who don’t already have the main game can get it together with the expansion pack.

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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty DLC and 2.0 Update

Both Phantom Liberty and the 2.0 upgrade to the core game, which was released recently, offer new features and refine existing ones to Cyberpunk 2077. The most important additions to each category are detailed here, along with the categories themselves.

False Liberty Latest News

  • A new district (Dogtown)
  • Increased level cap (60)
  • New storyline and characters
  • New story quests, gigs, boss fights
  • Endless dynamic events (vehicle missions and airdrops)
  • New Relic skill tree and abilities
  • Vehicle missile launchers
  • 100+ new items: weapons*, cyberware, vehicles, and fashion

Shotgun “Order,” pistol “Grit,” submachine gun “Warden,” sniper rifle “Osprey,” and special prototype weapon “Hercules” were among the new weapons displayed.

New Features for Cyberpunk 2077

  • Redesigned skill trees and perks
  • Revamped cyberware and new capacity system
  • Vehicle combat and car chases
  • Combat AI improvements
  • New police system
  • UI and UX improvements
  • Loot, items, and crafting changes
  • New radio stations
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