Paula Hurd Net Worth: How Did She Acquire Her Wealth?

Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, has been dating Paula Hurd for over a year. The two seem to be inseparable after bonding over a shared passion for tennis. Friends and family say they are seriously dating. Mark Hurd, the former co-CEO and president of Oracle, passed away in 2019 at the age of 62 after a reported battle with cancer. His widow, Paula Hurd, is 60 years old. As of the time of his passing, he was valued at approximately $500 million.

Paula and Mark married the knot in 1990, and the couple had two children together: Kelly and Kathryn Hurd. Up to the year 2010, Mark additionally served on the board of directors for the News Corporation and Technology CEO Council. Paula has made a name for herself in the fields of event planning, organization, and charity work. She may be most known as the spouse of a famous person, but she also has a flourishing career in her own right.

According to her LinkedIn, Paula is currently employed as the Event Manager at Club 127, where she assists in the planning, execution, and promotion of events of varying sizes for private, corporate, and non-profit clients. Paula’s previous career was as a technology executive at NCR, an American technology company that makes self-service kiosks, for 18 years (1984-2002).

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What Is Paula Hurd Net Worth in 2023?

In 2023, Paula Hurd will have earned a million dollars. She also contributes to the greater good by participating in charitable activities. In 2018, Hurd and her ex-husband gave a lead gift to Baylor University’s $1.1 billion fundraising campaign. Her late ex-husband Mark left behind a massive fortune of $500 million.

Paula has amassed quite a fortune as one of the country’s most prestigious and prosperous event planners. This is especially true when one considers the success of her prior business endeavors. Paula Hurd’s Net Worth is predicted to be between $3.5 and $4.5 million. Paula and her husband spent over $7.1 million on a luxurious five-bedroom home in Atherton, California.

Personal Life: Who Was Paula Hurd’s Husband?

Paula Hurd was the wife of Oracle’s former CEO, Mark Hurd. They wed on March 12, 1990. There were two children, Kathryn and Kelly, born during their nearly 30-year marriage. In 2019, she said goodbye to her husband, who reportedly died of cancer.

Currently, Paula is seeing Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft. Since Bill’s divorce from Melinda French Gates in August 2021, the two have been an item. In January, the pair were spotted attending the Australian Open to see the men’s singles final.

Several sightings of Bill and Hurd during sporting events should also be noted. They were seated opposite one other at the Laver Cup at London’s O2 Arena in September 2022. Before that, they were taken in October 2021 at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells.

Their relationship spans over a year, but Paula has remained a mystery throughout. Their closest friends and family, however, know for sure that they are romantically involved. Hurd and Gates have both been avid tennis fans for quite some time, and both men have been seen at many of the same tournaments throughout the years.

Paula Hurd Personal Life
Paula Hurd’s Personal Life

After visiting Australia, Gates eventually admitted in an interview that he was seeing Paula. Following his separation from Melinda, he came clean about his romantic involvement with Paula. After Jeff Bezos’s $38.3 billion divorce deal with their ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos, Gates’ payment to ex-wife Melinda is the second largest in history.

Paula Hurd Career

Paula Hurd’s managerial career began at NCR Corporation in 1984. For around 17 years, she oversaw the company’s sales and alliance management group. A decade and a half later, in November 2011, she came back to the industry as a consultant at CLUB 127.

For nearly a decade, up until December 2021, Hurd acted as a consultant. She has also been quite active in the community as a volunteer and philanthropist through her work at MPH Investments. In January of 2019, she became a part of the company’s staff. She maintained a portfolio for the firm on the side while also devoting time to nonprofit activities.

Soon after that, in October of this year (2019), Paula started working with Hurd Family Investments to oversee her investment portfolio. She still oversees investments for the Hurd family. Furthermore, she has been a member of Baylor University’s Board of Regents since May 2020.

Both Hurd and her late husband, Mark Hurd, were significant benefactors to Baylor. Even after Mark had passed away, she continued the ritual. Specifically, in 2021, she provided a donation of almost $7 million to Baylor’s Give Light Campaign.

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