Matrix 4 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Rumours

There is a glitch in the matrix and the 4th installment is the reason behind it!

The 4th chapter of the franchise, Matrix 4, has been kept under a lot of secrecy and at this time does not even have a trailer yet. But according to insiders, fans will be hearing a lot of official details very soon.

And other than that there are leaks from some credible resources too! These resources have got similar news like these correct in the past, so we can trust them.

This article includes everything that you need to know about Matrix 4; its release date, new cast members, possible storylines, and even leaks!

So let’s start breaking them down one by one!

Is Matrix 4 confirmed by the film creators?

The third installment in the Matrix franchise came out in 2003, and ever since fans have been eager to find out about its 4th part.

And to their surprise 17 years later, Warner Bros confirmed the 4th sequel of the Matrix. Keanu Reeves also claimed that the filming for the upcoming chapter has resumed.

So to answer your question, yes the news about Matrix 4 is not a rumor. And official authorities have also claimed that there is a 4th installment in the making.

What is the release date for Matrix 4?

The producers haven’t confirmed this yet, but the film will be titled Matrix Resurrections. Similarly, we don’t have a release date either.

But just like every situation, there was a leak and it disclosed the premiere date. The highly anticipated film will come out on 22nd December of the same year, the date can be wrong but the releasing month is December, for sure.

We will soon be hearing about it from directors too!

The film was scheduled to be released in May of 2020 alongside John Wick: Chapter 4 (also starring Keanu Reeves). But due to the outbreak of Covid-19 things couldn’t go as per the plans and the film’s release date was extended till December of 2020.

But now that things are back to normal, the 4th installment will go on air in theatres and also on HBO Max (probably due to the pandemic).

Who will be starring in the 4th installment of the Matrix franchise?

Keanu Reeves, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lambert Wilson, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Daniel Bernhardt are all returning to play the same characters they played in the original trilogy.

While joining the cast will be Jessica Henwick, Neil Patrick, Harris Christina, Yahya Abdul Mateen II, Priyanka Chopra, and Jonathan Groth. None of their characters have been disclosed yet.

Some bad news for fans, because Hugo Weaving who played the iconic Agent Smith won’t be coming back for the 4th chapter due to his busy schedule. Other than him, Laurence Fishburne also confirmed that he is not returning in the upcoming film.

Considering that the film is coming out after 17 years, there might be some guest appearances too. But you’ll find out about that once the film gets released in December. 

What will the plot of Matrix 4 explore?

Ever since the renewal was announced in 2020, fans have been eager to find out more about its storyline. If you are one of those fans, then we got you covered! Because below we have analyzed everything.

But all these are just assumptions and the writers have not confirmed anything about the plot yet!

This movie takes place in the seventh iteration of the matrix as well as the real world in which 60 years have passed since the third film in the series.

Neo and Trinity were both resurrected by the machines after the events of that film and both were put back into the matrix after it was rebooted.

However, neither of them remembers these events in their lives. In this new iteration, Neo S Thomas Anderson is a video game developer whereas  Trinity is a suburban housewife.

Thomas Anderson actually works for Warner Brothers and Christina Richie plays his boss there, while he does not remember being Neo. But he does have flashbacks and dreams about the events and at one point in the film he has to be talked down from jumping off a building (like we saw him doing the first matrix film).

The person who talks him down turns out to be the main villain of the film. However, that is the character of the analyst played by Neil Patrick Harris.

Where can I watch the trailer for Matrix 4?

For now, nowhere!

This is because Wachowskis Productions have not released any trailer or even a teaser for the film yet. But official trailers are expected to drop in August or September because the film is coming out in December.

However, we hope that the movie adds the mystique of the lore and does not take anything away from it.

That was everything you needed to know about the upcoming film Matrix 4! Also read: The Cook Of Castamar is all set to make a comeback!

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