Len Goodman Cause of Death: How Did He Die at the Age 78?

The cause of death for Len Goodman has been determined. Bone cancer was the cause of the former head judge on Dancing with the Stars, according to Jackie Gill, Goodman’s manager, who spoke to BBC News. On Saturday, Goodman passed away in a hospice in Kent, England. When he passed away, his family was there to mourn with him.

In a statement given to BBC News, Gill said, “It is with great sadness that I announce that Len Goodman has passed away peacefully, aged 78.” “A much-loved husband, father, and grandfather who will be sorely missed by family, friends, and all who knew him.”

One of the first judges on DWTS since its beginning in 2005 was the former professional dancer and dance instructor. He took a hiatus in season 21 after 20 seasons as the series’ star before eventually coming back for seasons 22–28. In 2022, he formally stepped down from the position.

Len Goodman Cause of Death: How Did He Die at the Age 78?

When doing a live event, you must be on your game and quick to respond. And as one gets older, things start to get harder,” he previously told “I figured it’s best to leave before I start dozing off or dribbling on the show,” the actor said.  “I will miss the California sunshine, working with my fellow judges, and the camaraderie with everyone on the show,” he continued.

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I’ll miss being a part of one of the most popular TV series, as well as watching the celebs become better dancers. From 2004 until 2016, Goodman also served as the top judge on Strictly Come Dancing, the original U.K. edition of DWTS. Outside of television, Goodman, who had previously battled prostate cancer, invested heavily in the Kent, England-based Goodman Dance Academy.

James, Goodman’s adult son from a previous relationship, and his wife, Sue Barrett, both outlive him. Goodman and Cherry Kingston were previously wed. 2012’s “It’s one of my failures,” Goodman said of marriage in an interview with The Guardian.  “I did my hardest, but I do recognize that I am the common denominator; it is something I am doing.

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The biggest problem I have is that I just like to do what I want to do since I am selfish. With my Sue [his third wife], I’ve made an effort to change that. The issue with dying, according to Goodman, who was 67 at the time of the interview, is that “everyone says you were kind. I want people to think I’m genuinely kind. I want people to be able to genuinely exclaim, “Len! Oh yes, he had more positive qualities than negative ones.


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