Katy Tur and Husband Tony Dokoupil Expecting Second Child in May 2021

News from the celebrity world is coming that MSNBC Live anchor, Katy Tur 37 expects her second child with her husband CBS This Morning co-anchor Tony Dokoupil. In the middle of May 2021, the baby girl will join the couple’s 2.5 years-old son, Teddy, along with Tony Dokoupil’s two children from a previous marriage.

As per the source, Tur and Dokoupil, 40, “wanted to try again” for another baby and were fortunate enough to find out late last summer that they are expecting a girl. The source also indicates that they are also looking for a good name for their child, but have nothing definitive yet.

As for the mom-to-be concerned, nowadays, she feels a little tired but feeling good overall. The source also revealed the information that “Katy has been craving pickle chips and enjoying root-beer floats in bed!”

The couple shares their story that they wed in October 2017, and opened up the news after giving birth to son Teddy. The new mom recalled the challenges she had after giving birth to Teddy on April 13, which included an “unplanned” cesarean section, breastfeeding challenges and even postpartum hallucinations.

Katy Tur With Her Husband Tony Dokoupil

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During the interview, she said, “I still remember being so tired and felt like I was in a waking dream where I thought that my mother-in-law was hiding under the bed and a very tall man was standing over me.”

“I told the nurses thinking that they’d understand, maybe even chuckle, and instead they sent in a full psychiatric team to evaluate me,” she said, laughing. “Spoiler alert: I was, and still am, sane.”

Katty Tur admitted that “But I was terrified on the day I had to leave the hospital, I was afraid to be alone with the new baby, afraid I didn’t know what I was doing. Sensing this, one of the nurses pulled me aside when my husband was in the bathroom and said, ‘Don’t worry — he knows what he‘s doing. You can lean on him.’ And he did.”

She continued, “Nothing about this story is exceptional except that I got a lot more paid time off to figure it out than the majority of new moms in this country. In most of the cases, families leave supports babies, which supports us all.”

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