Judy Fitzgerald Cause of Death: She Dies ‘unexpectedly’ Aged 32

Judy Fitzgerald was a well-known professional fitness model, licensed nurse, and exercise specialist. Her noteworthy accomplishment occurred in 2014 when she won the coveted Miss Bikini Ireland model competition. Following her triumph, Judy proudly represented Ireland at the Cancun, Mexico, world championships.

Judy’s successful modelling career was complemented by significant positions as a frontline nurse and midwife. She studied for a master’s degree in midwifery at the University of Limerick after earning a nursing degree from University College Cork. Even during the difficult times of the Covid-19 outbreak, Judy persisted in practising midwifery on the front lines and following her passion for fitness modelling.

Judy competed in a variety of beauty and fitness pageants and contests throughout her career, including the prestigious World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Championships in Las Vegas. Her popularity went beyond the stage as she made appearances in several publications, podcasts, and media sites, attracting viewers with her modelling skills and fitness influence.

Tragically, Judy’s untimely death happened in her native Limerick on May 27, 2023. Her reason for death is still a mystery to the public. Friends, family, and admirers of Judy recall her as a “beautiful soul,” a “true gentleman,” a “role model,” and a “ray of sunshine.”

Judy Fitzgerald Cause of Death: She Dies ‘unexpectedly’ Aged 32

Judy Fitzgerald Obituary and Death Cause

Irishwoman Judy Fitzgerald, 32, was a great person who succeeded in many different disciplines. She was a devoted front-line nurse and midwife in addition to being a pro-fitness model and a previous Miss Bikini Ireland. On May 27, 2023, Judy tragically departed suddenly without warning in her native Limerick. Many people are upset by her premature loss because the cause of her death has not been made publically known.

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Judy was quite talented; she had postgraduate degrees in midwifery from the University of Limerick and a nursing degree from University College Cork. She had a background in healthcare and was also a certified fitness teacher. Throughout the difficult Covid-19 epidemic years, she remained on the front lines of healthcare. Judy was committed to both the medical field and the world of fitness modelling.

She defeated rivals from around the world to win the prestigious title of Miss Bikini Ireland in 2014. She proudly represented Ireland by raising the Irish flag at competitions and beauty pageants held all over the world. She most notably hit the runway during New York Fashion Week in 2015, mesmerizing the crowd with a crimson jewelled gown, Victoria’s Secret-inspired hair and makeup, and socializing with top supermodels.

She had the honour of speaking with well-known designers about their collections in the same year at the Broadway Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Manhattan’s Times Square. As dreams became realities, Judy treasured these moments.  Judy was a devoted supporter of mental health and suicide prevention outside of her career. She acted as a representative for Limerick’s Community Crisis Response Team, a volunteer organization devoted to offering assistance to people going through difficult times.

Judy showed tremendous concern for other people’s welfare as she gave her all to the team’s many endeavours. Those who knew Judy or admired her from a distance have been extremely grieved and startled by the news of her departure. Numerous condolences have been received from friends, family, coworkers, fans, and other models. She is remembered as having a “beautiful soul,” being a “true gentleman,” being a “role model,” and being a “ray of sunshine.”

They are sending their sympathies, prayers, and expressions of sympathy to Judy’s family at this terrible time. On Wednesday at 11 a.m., Judy’s funeral service will be performed at St. Nessan’s Church in Raheen, and she will afterwards be buried there. I pray for her serenity.

Fitzgerald, Judy Cause of Death

Irishwoman Judy Fitzgerald, 32, was well-known for her work as a pro-fitness model, former Miss Bikini Ireland, front-line nurse, and midwife. She tragically departed dead unexpectedly on May 27, 2023, in Limerick, her hometown. Her death’s precise cause has not been made known to the public.

According to some stories, Judy had sought professional help for her long-term struggles with anxiety and sadness. She has also been dealing with struggles and hardships in her personal life. Though she had decided to withhold the true scope of her difficulties from many, she nonetheless remained upbeat and cheerful.

Judy may have committed suicide, according to several friends and family members, although there has been no official confirmation of this in any report or investigation. Her untimely death has startled and demoralized her loved ones, who were unaware of it.

They exhort anyone who may be having suicidal or despairing thoughts to get support and help. On Wednesday at 11 a.m., Judy’s funeral service will be performed at St. Nessan’s Church in Raheen, and she will afterwards be laid to rest in the Castlemungret Cemetery. May she be at peace for all time.

Limerick Judy Fitzgerald Obituary

An abundance of tributes and sympathies have been offered in response to the demise of Judy Fitzgerald, a former frontline nurse and Miss Bikini Ireland winner. On May 27, Judy, a licensed fitness teacher and midwife who was a native of Limerick, went away suddenly. She represented Ireland in several fitness events throughout the world and won the Miss Bikini Ireland pageant in 2014.

Notably, she got the honour of exhibiting the legendary Victoria’s Secret brand on the prestigious catwalk at New York Fashion Week in 2015. Judy was a well-known nurse and midwife in addition to her modelling success. She earned a Master’s degree from the University of Limerick and devotedly served during the tough COVID-19 pandemic.

Judy recently posted on social media about how happy she was to have been selected as a World Beauty Fitness and Fashion athlete. Since her tragic departure, her blogs have been deluged with loving tributes. Hughie Maughan, a reality television star, wrote on Twitter: “So sorry and sad to hear the news of your passing honey. Lie down in peace.

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Others tried to express their sorrow while complimenting Judy as a kind person with a bright future. Lost for words… such a wonderful girl with a heart of gold and the best future ahead, read one tribute. Sadly, Judy. Another eulogy praised Judy’s attractiveness and fascinating personality and acknowledged the innumerable memories she made for people all around the world.

The author wished Judy eternal peace and pledged never to forget her bright smile. Many people were brought to tears when they read Judy’s obituary, which also mentioned her grieving parents Liam and Imelda, sister Lucy, brother William, brother-in-law Pedro, the larger Fitzgerald and Martin families, as well as a large group of friends. Judy’s wake will be held at Cross’s Funeral Home in Limerick on Lower Gerald Griffin Street on Wednesday evening (May 31) from 5:30 to 7:30. Friends and family may attend.


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