Samantha Weinstein Cause of Death: Dies at 28 From Ovarian Cancer

Samantha Weinstein has away. She was an actor who appeared in the 2013 adaptation of “Carrie” and provided voices for other animated films. She was 28 years old. She passed away from ovarian cancer on May 14 at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada, according to a statement her father, David Weinstein, provided on Thursday.

The amount of tributes to Samantha has “overwhelmed us,” he said. She lived a very rich, charming, and real life. She had a great passion for her career and continued to perform voiceover work until the end of her life. Additionally, he revealed that Samantha took the pictures for her farewell Instagram post published on May 15 on her unverified Instagram account.

She can be seen grinning and floating through space in the photos. “She is off on her next adventure,” the post continues. “After two and a half years of cancer treatment and a lifetime of jet-setting around the world, voicing a myriad of cartoon animals, making music, and knowing more about life than most people ever will,” Weinstein kept enjoying life despite receiving cancer treatment.

Samantha Weinstein Cause of Death: Dies at 28 From Ovarian Cancer

On October 29, 2022, she wed Michael Knutson; they spent their honeymoon there. Weinstein, a member of the punk music group Killer Virgins and wrote for Love What Matters, reflected on his cancer diagnosis at age 25 and his love for Knutson in an article published in July. The two went on their first date one week after her cancer diagnosis.

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The first dates were already stressful, but I had just learned some horrible news the week before I had cancer. Talk about scaring a guy off!” She composed. Eyes fixated on the dog park’s dirt floor, I explained to him that I had been diagnosed with a rare ovarian germ-cell yolk sac tumour and would soon begin chemotherapy. I held my breath, tightly closed my eyes, and anticipated the unavoidable rejection. Yet it was never there.

She said, “We screamed at each other while we assembled an IKEA vanity and collapsed on the floor laughing when my hormones were racing from IVF injections. We both shaved our heads simultaneously as my hair began to fall out. He brought me out for ice cream while holding the cone as my fingers turned black from nerve damage. He encouraged me to let others care for me and reminded me that love is selfless.

Weinstein claimed that she and Knutson began discussing getting married soon after their first date. They started a choreographed lightsaber duel during their wedding after their first dance to “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” by The Velveteins. “I suggested having a lightsaber duel rather than a first dance.

After 20 months, ten rounds of chemotherapy, and a lifetime’s worth of memories, she wrote on Instagram that they were going for a “pretend-fighting-in-your-parents’ basement vibe.” Following her cancer diagnosis, Weinstein revealed in her Love What Matters essay that she had also come to terms with her sexuality and gender identity, coming out as “bisexual/pansexual” and non-binary to her parents and Knutson, who all welcomed her.

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She wrote, “The worst things in the world can be incredible blessings wrapped in sandpaper. I’ve learned that in the 18 months since I was first diagnosed.” The worst thing that has ever happened to me was being diagnosed with cancer, yet it has been the best thing in the weirdest ways. Since the future is unpredictable, I am still battling cancer while living with my parents (on the plus side, our relationship has never been stronger!).

I’m still pursuing my dream job as a voice actor. I experienced more love than I could have dreamed, and I consider each day a blessing. Even if there are still certain days when I can’t stop sobbing because of pain or my thoughts, I’m learning to ask my loved ones for support. Okay, so it might be a stretch to argue that getting cancer was the most incredible thing ever happening to me, but it’s also not a witch’s blight. If so, the witch most definitely has a sense of humour.

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