Jennifer Butler Cause of Death: Everything You Need to Know

Long before he finalized his divorce from his first wife, Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler met. Bill Murray is a well-known actor. Their connection grew, and they were happily married for almost ten years when Butler requested a divorce.

Murray is in the news because of his alleged love relationship with legendary singer Kelis, who is over half his age. The adored ‘Milkshake’ singer, 43, has confided in the ‘Ghostbusters’ star, 72, and the two have been “getting close for a while.” But this has revealed more about Jennifer Butler’s short life and Bill Murray’s troubled marriage to her.

Jennifer Butler Cause of Death: Everything You Need to Know

How did Jennifer Butler die?

On January 12, 2021, Jennifer Butler passed away tragically at 57. According to reports, her particular cause of death has not been made public. Butler and Murray first crossed paths in 1988 while Butler was serving as the costume designer for the fantasy comedy “Scrooged.”

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Murray was still wed to his first wife, a talent manager named Margaret “Mickey” Kelly. However, Kelly filed for divorce in 1994, finally finalized in 1995. Bill Murray married Jennifer Butler in 1997, and the couple had four kids: Caleb, Jackson, Cooper, and Lincoln.

Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler’s troubled marriage

After 11 years of marriage, Jennifer Butler filed for divorce in May 2008, accusing Bill Murray of physical violence, abandonment, drug misuse, and adultery, among other things. Butler stressed her love and commitment to her family and her unshakable loyalty and faithfulness to her spouse in her legal statement.

She described how he had hit her in the face and said she was lucky he hadn’t killed her in response to the claims of physical abuse. She also asked for a restraining order against him, blaming his claimed actions for driving her and their four kids out of their Charleston home.

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The couple’s divorce was finally finalized one month after filing. Jennifer Butler reportedly received primary custody of their kids and was allowed to maintain their residences. Bill Murray was required to pay child support but was allowed to keep their other homes. Additionally, their prenuptial agreement stated that in the case of a divorce, he would give her a lump sum payment of $7 million.

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