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James F. Goldstein (born January 5, 1940) is an American businessman who is well-known for attending NBA games, usually from courtside seats, including many home games for the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. He is famous for attending post-game news conferences and traveling to see games, particularly during the NBA playoffs. USA Today, the Detroit Free Press, the Canal Street Journal, the Boston Globe, and ESPN the Magazine have all published about his NBA passion.

Former NBA commissioner David Stern said He has so much invested in our sport. We appreciate him because he has possibly the highest financial investment of any American fan. He has a lot of good qualities, and we think of him as a superfan.

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James Goldstein Biography

Goldstein, the son of Nanette and C. Ellis Goldstein, the proprietor of a Milwaukee department store, stated he began watching NBA games when he was ten years old. He was hired by the Milwaukee Hawks to keep game statistics when he was 15 years old. I was completely captivated after doing that and sitting courtside for the games, he explained. “Since then, professional basketball has consumed my entire life. I am completely devoted to the game. Basketball, I believe, displays greater athleticism than any other sport. Goldstein played basketball for Nicolet High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he graduated. He went to Stanford University after that and has lived in California ever since.

Goldstein knew several recent and historical NBA players, including Wilt Chamberlain, Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O’Neal, Sam Cassell, and Dennis Rodman, after attending over 2,000 games. But had season tickets both to the Lakers and the Clippers, and he claims to have a little favorite club. James considers himself to be an NBA fan in general. He has never married and has no children. Goldstein has stated that he does not believe in marriage.


Architectural Digest, DOLCE magazine, The New York Times, Robb Report, and Town & Country have all featured Goldstein’s home, dubbed Sheats Goldstein Residence. John Lautner, a Frank Lloyd Wright pupil, designed the house in 1963. Goldstein bought the house in 1972 from previous owners who had reputedly forgotten to keep it in good condition. Lautner was hired by Goldstein to make changes and enhancements to the residence. Skyspace or Sky Box, a visual painter James Turrell installation, is located beneath the main home.

Lautner and Duncan Nicholson, who succeeded over after Lautner’s death in 1994, worked closely with Goldstein. Nicholson has been promoted to Chief Architect. I wanted to recreate the house exactly as John Lautner would have envisioned it, as well as include technology that didn’t exist 30 years ago, Goldstein explained. Goldstein bought the land next door, which had a Lautner-designed house on it, and demolished it to create a party house, tennis court, and office. He’s getting better all the time. Goldstein pledged in 2016 that the mansion would someday be donated to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

James Goldstein Net Worth

There is the information we have added about James Goldstein Net worth, his estimated net worth is around $350 million. If we get new information about his updated net worth then we will share it here. 

James Goldstein Net Worth: Education

Goldstein is a well-known jazz musician. Belongs to the richest family in the United States, living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He completed his education in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Nicolet High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is where he studies. He goes to Stanford University in California after completing his high school degree.

James Goldstein Family And Relationship

James Goldstein And His Girfriend
James Goldstein And His Girfriend

Jimmy comes from a Jewish family that has settled in the United States. Nanette Games Goldstein is his father’s name. C. Ellis Goldstein is his mother’s name. There is no information available about his siblings. 

James Goldstein is unmarried. He was dating Russian model Anna Sergeevna in 2014. They ended their relationship after a while, and he was now single.

James Goldstein Net Worth: Physical Appearance

Goldstein belongs to a Jewish family. James looks very handsome with Brown eyes and black hair. Goldstein has a big fan following in India. He was going regularly gym for his fit and healthy body. Jimmy has a nice body build-up and Hairstyle.

Jimmy Goldstein is an American real estate developer. He was also a huge NBA enthusiast. His estimated net worth is $ 350 million. He was well-known for wearing colorful and stylish attire to many NBA games. He was also well-known since he is the owner of the Sheats-Goldstein Residence in Los Angeles.

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