Inside Out 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Without any doubt, Inside Out is the most famous and successful animated film from the past years. The movie has a magical effect on people of all ages, from kids to adults. People experience different emotions while watching the movie. Inside Out 2 will be a computer-animated comedy film that originated in the United States. 

Pete Docter is the director, and Jonas Rivera is the producer of the movie. 

The movie revolves around an eleven-year-old girl who struggles in a new city after shifting with her parents.

Inside Out 2 is the sequel of the first part, which got released on 19th June 2015 with 95 minutes of running time.

What Could Be The Expected Release Date Of Inside Out 2?

Pixar was busy with the projects like “Soul” and “Onward” in 2020. Some upcoming projects are also on the way till 2022. So, we can expect Inside Out 2 only after 2022. 

After watching the time gap between the sequels of “Finding Nemo” and “The Incredibles!”, we could say that we could also wait for a long time.

The Plot

The end part of Inside Out left the audience with an imagination of the progression of the story. Fans are thinking about Riley and her guiding emotions. Joy finally realizes the significance of Sadness. She was unaware of the importance because she always tried to protect Riley from Sadness. Due to this situation, Riley fails to express her emotions and doesn’t allows herself to heal, resulting in depression.

Joy realizes the importance of Sadness after hearing her conversation with Bing Bong, through which she comes to know that Sadness provides empathy and connection to the people. Riley will not experience joy, but it would help her to experience deep happiness.

The movie comes to an end with Riley turning twelve. Her memory marbles also change into a combination of colors representing various emotions. There is no dominance of a single sentiment on the marble. This transformation shows the complexity of Riley’s psyche as she will look back at her memories differently. Friendship Island expands, and her new interests come into existence. A new console also arrives as each of the emotions explores new things. Joy and Sadness are the leading stars now, which hints at the upcoming complexity of the sentiments. A big red button on the console called Puberty is the highlight of the sequel.

Inside out 2

What Could Be The Plot Of Inside Out 2?

The advancement of the sequel has not yet started, so we are unaware of the plot right now. But, there are endless possibilities for the upcoming story. If Pixar decides to follow Toy Story’s lead, then most probably, Riley will grow up hitting her teens. She will experience puberty. Makers can also think about taking a gap, but I guess that the story will begin from where it left. 

As Riley will be in her teens, the appearance of different conflicts and a core story will be there from the narration side. Certain concepts are most likely to be explored in Inside Out 2. One of those concepts is the complexity of emotions of Riley. Introduction to the new emotions will also occur as the team hits the concept of adolescence. There could be the formation of a new island in Riley’s psyche as her personality is developing day by day.

In the previous concept, we determined that with the help of Dr. Ekman, Docter chose five emotions from the pool of 26. This action proves that there are still many emotions left to be discovered. Complex feelings such as nostalgia, lust, hope, shame, guilt could be the highlight. The previous story told us that Joy kept Riley away from the other emotions. But, joy will struggle to cope with the changes now, as Riley’s personality is developing. adolescence

Is There Any Trailer Available For Inside Out 2? 

There is no trace of a trailer/teaser right now. Fans are waiting for the trailer eagerly. We will share the trailer with you soon after its release.

Who Is Going To Be A Part Of Inside Out 2?

According to the sources across the internet, the following voice actors will give their voice to the characters mentioned below:

  • Amy Poehler will give voice to Joy
  • Bill Hader will give voice to Fear
  • Rachel Bilson will give voice to Ivy/Awe
  • Mindy Kaling will give voice to Disgust
  • Jason Sudeikis will give voice to Huxley
  • Phyllis Smith will give voice to Sadness
  • Lewis Black will give voice to Anger
  • David Harbour will give voice to Mylo Bishop
  • Taika Waititi will give voice to Genius
  • Kathryn Hahn will give voice to Vanessa
  • Ali Wong will give voice to Tracie
  • Michael Douglas will give voice to Brain
  • Kaitlyn Dias will give voice to Riley
  • Diane Lane will give voice to Jill
  • Kyle MacLachlan will give voice to Bill


Inside Out 2 will release in 2022. Fans are waiting for it eagerly.

Until then, keep streaming Inside Out! It gets a good rating of 8.1 IMDb rating from the critics as well as the viewer. I assure you that season 2 will definitely meet the fan’s expectations. keep in touch with us for more updates

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