Fear Street Part 4: Will The Fear Street Trilogy Get A 4th Installment?

The Fear Street trilogy did pretty well and it has been in the top 10 charts in several countries. And it won’t be a shock if the director decides to renew the trilogy for a 4th part. Moreover, Leigh Janiak said in an interview that she wants to create her own “MCU of Horror”. So this means that Fear Street Part 4 might be a possibility and if not this then we will definitely get some new films revolving around the same characters. But will the same cast come back to play their roles? 

The third film “Fear Street Part 3: 1666” did not end the chapter conclusively; someone got the widow’s books of spells. And that “somebody” must have knowledge of witchcraft so the Shadyside is not free from the curse after all. The 4th part can explore this unexplained part of the franchise.

And the good news is that as the series was based on R.L Stine’s books there are several more chapters for Leigh Janiak to choose from. So, there is content available all it needs is a good screenwriter to kick off the process! When will this happen? We don’t know that yet but hopefully it will be soon.

When asked about the 4th iteration Leigh replied with:

“You have the canon of our main mythology that’s built around the fact that the devil lives in Shadyside, so there’s also room for everything else… I think that my hope is that audiences like it enough that we can start building out [more], we can think about what another trilogy would be, what standalones would be, what TV would be.”

Below you’ll find more details about Fear Street Part 4!

Fear Street Part 4 Release date

The entirety of 3 films were filmed in a time span of 6 months and the post-production phase took the rest of the time. However there is no word on the production of the 4th film so assuming from this the film is not coming anytime before the end of 2022.

Moreover the 4th part has not been greenlit yet so there is no schedule for the production of it either. Hence it is better to not get ahead of ourselves. 


There is no official line-up for the cast of Fear Street Part 4 but the story will resume from where the films ended in the third part. And in that case the potential cast members include:

  • Deena (Kiana Madeira)
  • Sam (Olivia Scott Welch)
  • Ziggy (Gillian Jacobs)
  • Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr)
  • Martin (Darrell Britt-Gibson)
  • Mrs Lane (Jordana Spiro)

But if the aforementioned characters get involved in a new curse then the plot will become similar to that of the original trilogy. Hence a new storyline will be introduced which means that there will be new characters introduced. Who are they? We have no clue whatsoever!

However, the director has hinted at a new setting for the 4th part. But this does not mean that the original cast won’t return for Fear Street Part 4! 


Although there are no major plot details, there are very high chances of the 4th film revolving around the Milkman, also known as Harry Rooker. Moreover the director wants to pick up the 1950s timeline for Fear Street Part 4. So, the upcoming installment will be a period horror piece!

Leigh Janiak in an interview said:

“I really started getting excited about a ’50s slasher movie, which I haven’t really seen and what that means. It’s just cool to think about the different eras and what’s possible as a horror fan.”

“I don’t even think about it like TV or movies exactly anymore. That’s the great thing about Netflix and about what Fear Street is, which is kind of a hybrid new thing. I’m excited about the possibility of what else can happen.”

Deducing from all these comments, expect the unexpected from the 4th film! 

Fear Street Part 4 Trailer

There is no footage from Fear Street Part 4 simply because the production of the movie has not begun yet hence there is no trailer either. And we are not going to get any glimpse of the film soon because the 4th installment still has to be confirmed first. And who knows how much time that will take.

All the first three films from the trilogy are available on Netflix to stream. Watch them before it is too late!

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