Daniel Ricciardo Net Worth: How Much Money Does The F1 Driver Really Earn?

Here we talk about Daniel Ricciardo Net Worth in 2023. Australian Formula One racer Daniel Ricciardo has risen to prominence in recent years. He has a large number of devoted followers all around the world because of his extraordinary talent and magnetic demeanor.

Being one of the most accomplished race car drivers in history, Daniel Ricciardo has amassed a substantial fortune. This article will examine his fortune, where it came from, and the accomplishments on and off the track that have led to his current financial status.

Daniel Ricciardo Net Worth 2023

His career high points include the thrilling victories he had while racing for Red Bull, which contributed significantly to his current $50 million fortune. With help from the famous winery St. Hugo, Ricciardo debuted his DR3 collection in 2021. Throughout his F1 career, he has been sponsored by Go Pro, Blue Coast, and Puma.

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Daniel Ricciardo Net Worth From Racing Career

No one doubts Daniel’s talent in Formula One racing. A lot of people won’t be expecting him to be one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, though. So much so that Forbes magazine ranked him as the 48th most-paid athlete in the world for 2020. And he’s one of the top 10 highest-paid drivers in Formula One today.

His 2020 income was $29 million. He earned $27 million as a result of his Formula One career and another $2 million from various endorsements. The racer with the number 33 is performing superbly. As trophies and triumphs pile up, though, so does his wealth.

Daniel’s wealth has increased by 44% over the past two years. Renault promised him a significant salary increase, so he switched companies and started working for them in 2019. To emphasize, red bull only paid him $6 million annually. Everyone naturally assumed his move to Renault was a lucrative one because of this.

Renault’s deal with him calls for an annual remuneration of $35 million. Due to the expiration of his two-year deal in 2021, he is now a member of the McLaren team. Despite the significant salary reduction, he decided to accept McLaren’s offer. Even though his $17 million annual salary may seem low when compared to Renault, Mclaren reportedly makes up the difference with other hefty perks.

Return To Redbull

In 2022, Ricciardo will rejoin Red Bull as the team’s third Formula One driver for the 2023 season. When originally Red Bull motorsports advisor Helmut Marko requested the deal be finalized during the Abu Dhabi Fantastic Prix weekend, it was confirmed. Following this fact, Ricciardo admitted that his final signature was necessary.

After being released by McLaren with a year left on his contract, Ricciardo opted out of seeking midfield race places for 2023. However, after two disappointing seasons with McLaren, he decided to focus on securing a reserve position with a major team with the hopes of landing a competitive 2024 opportunity and taking a break from F1.

Charity Work and Foundations Starring Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo represents the Wings for Life organization, which receives funding from Red Bull. He even donated the proceeds from the sale of his Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The money raised will go to the Racing for MNDi charity. The Foundation for Motor Neurone Disease Racing (MNDi) supports MND research (MND).

Daniel Ricciardo gave a large donation to the Australian Red Cross and WIRES wildlife rescue after the devastating bushfires that swept over the country. The Perth local also mentioned that he will auction off his race suit for charity.

Despite his openness and activity on social media, Ricciardo is notoriously private about his private life. The Australian would rather keep his personal life private. In 2018, speculations spread that Ricciardo was dating Australian beauty Jessica Gomes, but the Honey Badger vehemently refuted the claims.

Charity Work and Foundations Starring Daniel Ricciardo
Charity Work and Foundations Starring Daniel Ricciardo

How Much Money Does Daniel Ricciardo Earn?

According to sources within the Formula 1 paddock, resources have revealed that Ricciardo will be paid $15 million per year by McLaren, making him the joint-fourth highest-paid driver on the grid. Both driver performance bonuses and individual sponsors are not included in this total.

Among the highest-paid athletes in the world in 2020, Ricciardo ranked 48th on Forbes’ list. With his income from Renault and sponsorship earnings, he brought in about $27 million.


Finally, Daniel Ricciardo has proven himself to be a talented and accomplished Formula One driver. His wealth is an indication of his popularity off the track, where he has become a spokesperson for a wide range of brands.

Ricciardo’s outstanding driving talents and captivating personality will ensure his continued success and growing net worth for years to come. For fans and would-be racers everywhere, he is an unquestionable role model.

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