Clone High Season 2 Release Date: Cancellation & Renewal Status In 2023!

Clone High’s co-creator Christopher Miller has confirmed that the new series would premiere on HBO Max in 2023. The unique premise of the animated adult science fiction series Clone High follows the exploits of a fictional high school where all of the students are teen clones of historical figures.

The show, a spoof on the period’s popular teen sitcoms, centered on the clones of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, and Gandhi; however, JFK and Cleopatra’s clones were also mentioned regularly. There was some controversy around the show’s central character, a clone of Gandhi, and the show’s cancellation was met with excellent reception.

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Clone High Season 2 Release Date

Miller, who created the show with longtime buddy Phil Lord, has confirmed the series will return in 2020 after reports surfaced as early as 2020 that MTV was planning a Clone High relaunch with the original creators connected. Miller announced the anniversary of the premiere of CLONE HIGH on Twitter: “20 years ago today, our first program aired. The clones should probably be taken out of storage.

By 2023, they’ll be defrosted entirely on HBOMax. Along with the text, he posted a GIF of JFK from Clone High having his hair dried after being taken out of the freezer. Miller, who previously teased the return of the Clone High series by disclosing the title of the premiere episode, responded to his original tweet with a similar GIF, but this time with Cleopatra instead of JFK, and the simple text “drip drip drip.”

Lord, the show’s co-creator, tweeted something along these lines just a few minutes before Miller did, although Miller’s tweet was far more direct. In honor of Clone High’s 20th anniversary, @hbomax presented us with professional-grade blow dryers. Lord tweeted, “Thawing out in 2023,” with the Abe Lincoln animated GIFs.

Miller and Lord had done an excellent job of keeping fans as excited as they were, such as when they revealed new information about the Clone High reboot in a January interview, even though reboots have become increasingly common. Many fans have become desensitized to announcements for upcoming projects.

Lord said, “…we’re recording voices, and it’s a two-season order, so every episode is in some portion of the process right now. It’s a hectic period, but one that’s filled with joy. Many viewers anticipate the return of Clone High, which will air on HBO Max, among many other high-quality science fictions shows.

Clone High Season 2 Release Date
Clone High Season 2 Release Date

Fans and producers alike are waiting to see if the upcoming Clone High revival will be successful, given the popularity of reboots and the typically varied reactions they receive from fans of the original shows and movies. The new Clone High series will debut in 2023 on HBO Max.

Clone High Season 2 Trailer

At this time, there has been no official release of a trailer for Season 2. The news from HBO Max has not come out yet. The most recent trailer or promotional material to hit press releases and social media is as follows:

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