Who Will Win the Hundred Thousand Dollars on Season 2 of Claim to Fame?

Eight people with famous relatives have been booted from the Hollywood house so far in Season 2 of Claim to Fame (with one person literally kicking and screaming as she packed).

That leaves four people in the game, but with all the hints out there, it’s far from fair. Some of the players remain unnamed, while the identities of others’ family members are poorly guarded secrets. Who will take home the hundred thousand dollars? Let’s break it down and see who stands a better chance of winning.

In What Way Does the Game “Claim to Fame” Function?

Pop sensation Kevin Jonas and his less well-known brother Frankie Jonas host the game show “Claim to Fame,” in which contestants try to figure out each other’s identities.

The contestants (who may or may not use their true identities) compete in a variety of tasks throughout each show. A challenge winner need not reveal their identity. One of the two participants at the bottom of the scoreboard is then chosen to be the “guesser,” as described in Women’s Health.

The challenge for the guesser is to identify the participant and their famous relative. The contestant is eliminated if the guesser is incorrect, but the guesser’s celebrity link remains hidden.

The winner of this competition will take home a cool $100k.

Who is Monay on Season 2 of “Claim to Fame”?

Who is Monay on Season 2 of Claim to Fame

Screen Rant reports that most of the participants spent the season under the impression that Monay was somehow connected to Steve Harvey.

When playing the season-opening two-truths-and-a-lie game, Monday lied and informed her rivals that her famous uncle is her father, who is an athlete and Emmy winner.

Screen Rant claims that there were further hints concerning who Monay’s relative was, and these were:

  • This is a fedora.
  • He has guest-starred in such shows as “Saturday Night Live” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”
  • His current age is 57.
  • Plymouth, North Carolina is the place of his birth.

Although the public knew that Monay had been in “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” the “Claim to Fame” contestants were unaware of this fact, as reported by Parade.

This sentence contains a spoiler: Who is Monay’s mysterious relative? Gabriel determined in the season finale that Monay is related to J.B. Smoove, an actor and comedian. Gabriel therefore became the winner of Season 2.

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