Chloe Grace Moretz Dating: Who Has She Dated In Past?

Just who is Chloe Grace Moretz Dating now? The former child star has been linked romantically to several famous people (both men and women). She was most well-known for her association with Victoria and David Beckham’s kid, Brooklyn Beckham. After breaking up, Moretz has been linked to numerous possible suitors. Find out what her dating situation is like right now by reading on!

Relationship Background of Chlo Grace Moretz

After spending her entire life in the spotlight, 24-year-old actress Chlo Grace Moretz found it challenging to adapt. Maybe that’s why the actress who shot to stardom in 2010’s Kick-Ass, starring in The 5th Wave, prefers to keep her relationships with men and women out of the public eye.

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All indications are that the SK-II ambassador, who has 18.7 million Instagram followers and who quotes Neil deGrasse Tyson in her bio, is now unmarried. However, as The Things so well puts it, “her love life is not dull.” Aside from Alex Roe, her co-star in 5th Wave, she has been rumoured to be dating Brazilian soccer player Neymar in 2014 and even with another actor in 2017. Below is a timeline of her romantic involvements from the past.

In 2013, Cameron Fuller (Rumored)

Actor Cameron Fuller, the son of film and television producer Bradley Fuller and the brother of director Bryan Fuller, was supposed to be dating the young starlet when Moretz was 15 years old.

The lifelong friends were seen apparently on a date in West Hollywood in January 2013. In the images, he can be seen dropping down on one knee and giving her a fake ring. The romantic act caused quite a stir, but whether or not Moretz and Fuller, who was only 17, were dating remains unknown.

Brooklyn Beckham, From 2014-2018

Moretz’s most publicized romance was with Brooklyn Beckham, then 22. The Dark Shadows and Carrie 2013 star met the son of Victoria and David Beckham at Paris Fashion Week in 2014 and the two dated on and off for the next four years.

Moretz and Beckham’s relationship status was a mystery for the first half of the time frame, during which she consistently downplayed the couple’s status in interviews.

Chloe Grace Moretz Dating History
Chloe Grace Moretz Dating History

It looked that the couple, who had many romantic spin class dates at Soul Cycle, had drifted apart in October 2015, when Beckham began seeing French actress Sonia Ben Ammar, but by January 2016, they were back together.

Moretz announced on The Talk, saying, “We’ve been like on and off together for a few of years now and we just kind of made it official.” To which the actress responded: “There was always a sense that we were evading the paparazzi… Our friendship is suffering as a result.

The restaurants were closed, so we couldn’t eat there. We were all like, “You know what?” They won’t mind if we are open and honest about it if we pull back the curtain if we allow them to snap our picture.

Although everything seemed to be going well, they ended their relationship for good in April of 2018. I’m not going to pretend like last year wasn’t difficult for me “At the time, the young actress revealed this to Stellar. “As a teen, I had to deal with this sudden popularity while also ending a public relationship. My initial instinct was to flee.

Dylan O’Brien,  August 2018 (Rumored)

Soon after Chloe Grace Moretz and Beckham’s breakup, rumours began to circulate that she was seeing Dylan O’Brien, 30. After a night out with pals at West Hollywood eatery The Nice Guy in August 2018, the young actors, then aged 21 and 26, were spotted getting into her waiting car.

An insider said to Us Weekly that “Chlo and Dylan have always had a friendly relationship.” They avoided showing up together on purpose so as not to attract attention to themselves, but they did have a great time together last night, during which they were flirtatious and touchy-feely without engaging in any overt displays of PDA.

She went out drinking and dancing with three of her best pals. Considering the Teen Wolf star had already admitted to having a crush on Moretz, this was enough to get the rumours flying. The two may have gotten involved, but that was never proven.

Kate Harrison, November 2018-2019

The rumour that Chloe Grace Moretz was dating then-30-year-old model Kate Harrison made headlines at the end of 2018. The duo began dating in November of that year and remained together until 2019, per Who’s Dated Who.

According to reports, this was Moretz’s first significant romance after she split from Beckham. It was also alleged that the actress and Harrison, who both appeared in Playboy, were living together in Los Angeles. Before their March 2019 vacation in Mexico, the couple was making headlines for being seen kissing and embracing in Malibu after supper at Nobu.

Who is Chloe Grace Moretz dating right now?

To my knowledge, Chloe Grace Moretz is currently available for no one. Mother Android, an original film she directed for Hulu, will debut on the service on December 17, 2021. Is it possible that Chlo has been devoting her entire being to this fantastic new role?

The film delves into the experience of two young people who had to leave the land they love to avoid fighting a terrifying artificial intelligence. Besides her work on this new film, Chlo may be seen in an upcoming season of The Peripheral, an Amazon Prime original series. She worked six months with a great cast and crew to bring the first season to life, as evidenced by her Instagram.

Understandably, she’s unmarried at the moment because she’s so focused on her job. Chloe may not be in a relationship at the moment, but judging by her Instagram account, she is certainly not wasting her time. She loves going on camping trips, spending time with her dog, and hanging out with her friends.

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