Are Seul-ki And Jong-Woo Still Together Couple From ‘Single’s Inferno 2?

Suppose there’s one thing the Netflix original series “Single’s Inferno” drives home. In that case, it’s the importance of being open and honest with one another and being willing to let each other in on your vulnerabilities as a partner.

If they are there, however, the pair can triumph over any obstacle, even if they are still learning about their own emotions and the nature of love. We know this because of Shin Seul-Ki and Choi Jong-Woo in season 2; if you’re curious about them and their current situation, we’ve got the facts.

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Are Seul-ki And Jong-Woo Still Together?

While Seul-ki and Jong-woo haven’t come out and said they’re dating, they have made their friendship Instagram official. Jong-woo uploaded some cute photo booth photos of him and Seul-ki wearing silly hats to his account yesterday.

In addition to this post, Seul-Instagram(opens ki’s in new tab) is primarily comprised of selfies and artistic shots, while Jong-woo’s features images of himself and friends. Jong-woo reflected on the show and attached a photo of Seul-ki and So-e making a heart.

Netflix Korea’s YouTube channel The Swoon actually gave us a huge clue about the couple’s relationship status. The cast is reuniting to watch the first eight episodes of the show for the first time and share never-before-heard stories from their time in Inferno in a two-part reunion special uploaded to the channel.

Seul-ki and Jong-woo saw the footage of Seul-date ki’s with Jin-young for the first time in the second half, and they made comments to each other that demonstrated how much they care about each other.

Initially, we get Jong-take woo’s on the date, with him saying, “I’m glad they only held hands.” Han-bin, ever the tension reliever, joked that he was placed between Jong-woo and Jin-young “to keep them from fighting.” Seul-ki remembered that Jong-woo will watch the clip after she reacted to it on the girls’ episode of the special. She yells, “Avert your gaze, Jong-woo!” It’s possible that we’re projecting our own assumptions onto the situation, but it sounds like the reactions come from a couple that is trying to safeguard the feelings of each other.

Seul-ki And Jong-Woo Single’s Inferno Journey

Upon meeting Seul-Ki for the first time on Day 1 as they descended the stairs to the enormous firepit in “Inferno,” Jong-Woo was instantly and irrevocably smitten. That’s because she fits his ideal profile in every way, and he had high hopes to begin with after deciding to sign up for the show after having his fortune told.

In the 25-year-own old’s words, a monk told him that if he participated in the reality show, “I can meet someone who I might end up marrying,” essentially finding the love of his life and a life partner all in one. Even though Seul-Ki liked Jong-Woo and appreciated his care, kindness, and affection, she did not initially develop romantic feelings for him.

Truth be told, she was more intrigued by Kim Jin-Young than he was by her; despite having only joined the experience in episodes 3/4, his presence had such an impact that she became just as curious about him as he was about her.

They even went to Paradise together on his first night there, but after she got back, she started paying more attention to Jong-Woo because the guy she liked was becoming popular.

As time went on, despite Jong-continued Woo’s demonstrations of intense interest, Seul-Ki found it increasingly difficult to resist leading him on. When she realised there was no difference between the two men, she told the first one she wished she could have gone to “Paradise” with him someday.

Despite the fact that the pianist was still debating between him and Kim Jin-Young, their conversations there were as relaxed, open, honest, and vulnerable as you could imagine. Even though Seul-Ki had previously told her first “Paradise” date, Shin Dong-Woo, that she didn’t have romantic feelings for him, he continued to be curious about her.

When it came down to it, all three men went with their guts and picked her, with the third saying she was the only one who “moved her heart.” In contrast, Jin-Young admitted his feelings for her for the first time, while Jong-Woo asked her out for coffee because he was aware of the fact that she doesn’t partake in alcoholic beverages.

Single’s Inferno 2: What Happened To Seul-ki And Jong-Woo?

Jong-woo showed Seul-ki nothing but loyalty and respect throughout the first half of the season, and he spent as much time as he could in Inferno with her. A love triangle involving Seul-ki, Jin-young, and Jong-woo developed after the college student investigated her ties to surgeon Dong-woo and veteran Jin-young.

What Happened To Seul-ki And Jong-Woo?
What Happened To Seul-ki And Jong-Woo?

In the end, the barista beat Jin-young in a fierce wrestling match, and he got to pick her for the ultimate trip to Paradise. The barista had the opportunity to win over Seul-ki on their date; she seemed to appreciate that they were the same age and she even recognised the cafe where he works.

When she returned to Inferno, Jin-young was evasive about his feelings, while Jong-woo had never hidden his attraction. There were three suitors for Seul-ki on the last day of Inferno: Dong-woo, who claimed that Seul-ki was the only one to make his heart race; Jin-young, who admitted to being terrible at expressing his feelings; and Jong-woo, who followed his heart despite the possibility that she might not choose him.

After appreciating Jong-honesty woo’s throughout, she ultimately decided to leave with him. “I feel that someone who is like a friend and someone who makes me feel relaxed could be the person to whom I can finally show my real self,” she said in her final confession. “He initiated every interaction with me. Therefore, I feel it necessary to inform him of my intention to initiate contact with him.”

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