Are Brittan And James Still Together From Too Hot To Handle?

Are Brittan And James Still Together? From the beginning of Too Hot to Handle season 4, viewers were blown away by the genuine connection between Brittan Byrd and James Pendergrass. Pretty soon after arriving at Lana’s famous retreat, the newest Too Hot to Handle cast realized they weren’t filming Mario Lopez’s new series, Wild Love.

Brittan and James quickly established a connection that carried them through the end of the retreat, even though most of the Too Hot To Handle season 4 men had their sights set on Kayla Richart. Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici won the $89,000 prize, beating out Kayla and Sebastian “Seb” Melrose for second place.

The couples, as mentioned above, broke the most rules during season 4 of Too Hot to Handle, but Hawaiian natives Brittan and James quickly won over viewers by resisting temptation. Brittan and James’ relationship almost fizzled out despite their progress on Too Hot to Handle when newcomer Ethan Smith tried to woo Brittan.

Thankfully, James won Brittan back, much to Lana and their co-stars’ delight, and by the end of the show, the pair shared the kiss fans had been anticipating. Those who believe James and Brittan should have been crowned Too Hot to Handle season 4 champions are curious about the couple’s current status.

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Brittan And James Too Hot to Handle Journey

At 22, Brittan Byrd starred in the fourth season of ‘Too Hot to Handle. The Hawaiian model was looking forward to letting loose, especially since she thought she was participating in a spoof television program called “Wild Love.”

She opened by expressing sympathy for the stigma that has long been attached to sexually active women before arguing that attitudes have shifted and that they now deserve to be held up as role models. In this group, she also counted herself.

Brittan made it clear that she was interested in James Pendergrass, a fellow Hawaii native, the moment he walked onto the show. After he first appeared on our screens, he even started talking about what he did in the bedroom, so it was clear that he and she were a good match. James, who claims he hates self-praise, insists he is the best there is when it comes to sexual encounters.

Even though he thought they were engaging in ‘Wild Love,’ the truth undoubtedly stifled the enthusiasm for their intended activity. Even so, the allure of $200 000 was enough to convince them to try the experiment. When comparing James and Brittan, it was clear that James was more concerned with playing by the book and avoiding disqualification than Brittan was.

Not that there weren’t some tense exchanges between them at first. The personal trainer has expressed disappointment with the limitations on multiple occasions. Despite Brittan’s apparent exasperation, the couple primarily adhered to the agreement’s rules.

After all, James wasn’t just avoiding alcohol; he worked night and day to prevent it for everyone else. James told Brittan that he was used to treating women with little consideration and that he had not respected her freedom. He apologized, saying he realized his mistakes and asked for a second chance, which his fellow Hawaiian granted.

Brittan And James Too Hot to Handle Journey
Brittan And James Too Hot to Handle Journey

Once their watches turned green, the couple was inseparable from that point forward, and they shared their first kiss on their date in the second-to-last episode. Brittan and James were happy for Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici even though they had not made the top two couples.

As Brittan grew weary of having James make decisions for her and his lack of physical initiative, she turned her attention to Ethan Smith, a new male contestant who arrived in the show halfway through her time in the retreat. Since Ethan was willing to treat the Hawaii woman with kindness and respect, she moved out of her old bed and into his.

James, who didn’t seem to grasp the situation, was crushed by Brittan’s behavior, which he did not comprehend. But after attending a workshop for men only on vaginal respect, James appeared to realize he had violated Brittan’s autonomy.

He told Ethan he was nervous because he wanted to make things better with her. The new English contender attempted to grow closer to the fashion model to save their relationship. The fact that James appeared to understand Brittan’s desires rendered his efforts futile.

Are Brittan And James Still Together?

Yes! After filming, the couple took a break because, as Brittan revealed in the tell-all video, they weren’t sure where they stood with each other. The two people who had previously only seen each other occasionally in Hawaii eventually moved to Los Angeles and became close. James has said it feels “so good” to come out about their relationship finally.

Pre-reveal hints point to the couple’s mutual Instagram activity; they follow each other, like each other’s posts, and comment on each other’s photos and videos playfully and cleverly. Brittan commented with a fire emoji and the words “Sea no flaws” on one of James’ pictures (opens in new tab) two weeks ago, which the trainer captioned “Sea no evil.”


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Both of them also participated in London-based promotional filming and cast reunions. James posted lovely individual shout-outs to Nick, Seb, and Creed, while Brittan shared several posts with the women(opens in new tab) of season 4.

Concerning TikTok, the couple was the first and only married couple among the season 4 competitors to create joint videos. James uploaded some clips that directly addressed plot points involving Brittan and whether they were still together (opens in a new tab). Since going public with their relationship, James can’t stop gushing about Brittan on social media (as he should).

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