Are Nick And Jawahir Still Together From Too Hot To Handle?

Are Nick And Jawahir Still Together? Too Hot to Handle’s fourth season had some breathtaking scenery and lavish shenanigans, but it also featured some touching romances. The best pairing of the season was between rule-breaker and rule-maker Jawahir Khalifa (an Amsterdam model) and meditative American artist Nick Kisci.

Nick’s eyes were immediately drawn to Jawahir the moment she stepped foot on the beach, but the vivacious young woman flirted with a few of the gentlemen there before finally catching Nick’s. Once they started dating, they quickly became the season’s second greatest rule breakers, right behind Kayla and Seb.

The appearance of Shawn, a Floridian model who caught Jawahir’s eye, was a huge surprise for the newlyweds. The fashion model was upfront about her tendency to flee from relationships as soon as they become serious, and she fell into old habits when she decided to pursue a fling with Shawn, even sleeping in his bed one night.

A romantic supper with either Nick or Shawn was on the table, and Lana eventually forced Jawahir to make a choice. Jawahir finally decided on Nick after much internal debate, and she confided in him about the time she had to flee an abusive partner out of fear of being abandoned.

“A genuine bond exists between us, and I know it. When I think of you, I get this sensation in my chest that I’ve never experienced before… I’m afraid, and I had to force myself to walk away from you “her words reached his ears.

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Soon after their candlelit meal, Jawahir and Nick were among the three remaining couples competing for the remaining $89,000 of the season’s original $200,000 prize pool.

Thanks to the votes of their fellow candidates, Jawa and Nick have been named the winners of the current season. Their success in the real world depends on the answer to the question of whether or not their relationship survived. Keep reading to find out the current state of our knowledge.

Too Hot to Handle Journey Of Nick And Jawahir 

Jawahir Khalifa, originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands, competed in ‘Too Hot to Handle’ at the age of 22. The professional model admitted on the show that she has a thing for “bad dudes” and that her ancestors might not be proud of her. When Jawahir first saw Sebastian “Seb” Melrose, he was attracted to him.

The two even kissed passionately by the pool. Yet Seb prioritized his relationship with Kayla Richart and decided to terminate things with Jawahir. Meanwhile, Nick Kici, a 28-year-old from Michigan who is quite spiritual, caught the eye of the Dutch competitor. 

He’s a yoga enthusiast and artist by day. A highly sex-positive person, the American cast member sought to bring that attitude to his participation on the show. Besides his stunning looks, it was undoubtedly his charming nature that won Jawahir over. 

Actually, Nick had been keen on Jawahir ever since he’d laid eyes on her, and he was pleased as punch that she shared his desire. They broke protocol by kissing each other. After that private encounter, they began to spend more time together. 

If Nick had known about Jawahir’s encounter with Seb, he probably wouldn’t have been so forthright about his kiss with her when the time came to report rule violations. The pair, though, overcame their differences and moved on. Jawahir and Nick’s relationship blossomed swiftly after they first met. 


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There was an initial emphasis on the physical aspects of their relationship that appeared insufficient. Once they had broken the rules three times in as many days, Lana decided to send them to the suite as a test. The contestants were unaware that disobeying any of the suite’s rules would result in their immediate elimination from the competition.

Fortunately, the two followed instructions and earned wristwatches as a result (turns green during an emotional moment and allow for rule-breaking). They were starting to get close, until Shawn Wells came along and ruined everything. The new guy seemed interested in Jawahir, and he was the type of guy she would normally date.

The Dutch competitor was perplexed by this development because she was starting to develop feelings for Nick but was also interested in learning more about what Shawn has to offer. Nick, upon hearing of her predicament, promised to give Jawahir the room she required so long as she continued to be forthright with him.

After talking to Shawn, Jawahir decided to spend the night in his bed and told Nick about it. Despite the fact that this news devastated the second, he continued to place his faith in her. Jawahir’s inability to tell the two guys apart persisted until the second-to-last episode, when Lana gave her a second opportunity.

If Jawahir and Shawn or Nick both want to go out on a date, he or she can choose whichever one they like. Whomever she picked, that was her ultimate option in a lifelong companion. Nick was confused and frustrated by Jawahir’s behavior, but he decided to wait for her and was anxious about being selected.

Jawahir had picked him, much to his joy, though he did press her for an explanation. Now we know that Jawahir’s adoption as a kid caused her to develop abandonment issues.

The depth of her affections for Nick unnerved her because she evidently never considered herself loveable. But she was prepared to take the next step with him. The couple’s personal and collaborative development ultimately led to their victory and the $89,000 reward.

Too Hot to Handle Journey Of Nick And Jawahir
Too Hot to Handle Journey Of Nick And Jawahir

Are Nick And Jawahir Still Together? 

Despite the lack of a public statement, we have good reason to assume that Nick And Jawahir are still an item. Even though they don’t follow one other on Instagram, they clearly have a strong friendship because they’ve remarked positively on each other’s profiles. 

Furthermore, their bond was one of the show’s strongest and most endearing by the end of Season 4. Therefore, it’s very possible that the couple is still together and has made a smooth transition from the screen to real life.

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