Are Matt And Caryn Still Together From Little People Big World?

Are Matt And Caryn Still Together? Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff has been happily dating his new girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, and providing infrequent updates on his relationship status since the end of his marriage.

Matt has done his best to prioritize his romantic life despite his dedication to the well-being of the family farm. His future nuptial plans have piqued the interest of TLC viewers. When Matt and Amy split up, he quickly moved on to a new relationship with Caryn. 

The viewers of Little People, Big World eventually found out that Caryn had also been through a difficult divorce. She and her husband of 20 years, Joseph Chandler, have raised two children, a son and a daughter.

Many devoted fans speculated that Matt And Caryn began dating while he was still legally married, which sparked a firestorm of rumors about their relationship. However, they appear to be doing fine as of this writing.

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Rumors about Matt and Caryn swirl

Fans have concluded that Matt is prioritizing his relationship with Caryn over his family since tensions with his children arose after he decided not to sell 16 acres of the farm to them. Thus, viewers have been urging the couple to break up. 

Even though they haven’t tied the knot yet, Matt has made it clear that he does see marriage as part of their future. The last photo of the couple to be shared online was taken on Valentine’s Day this year, and it was posted by Matt. The most recent upload from Caryn, however, was in the month of November, 2021.

Little People Big World: Matt Talks About Taking A Break In A New Post!

Little People Big World has made a big deal out of Matt Roloff and his 100-acre pumpkin. His loved ones have also been a main part of the show. Regular viewers of LPBW will know that this couple has been “officially” dating for five years.

It was in 2017 that they first fell in love, and their relationship has been continuing strong ever since. Everyone was hoping to hear some details regarding Matt and Caryn’s wedding shortly. Many people assumed the couple will be married soon.

However, they found themselves in a bind once a fresh post appeared on Matt Roloff’s handle. On a break with Caryn, he mentioned that he was. Have no fear, though. To those who reread the captions for Little People Big World, the meaning behind them quickly becomes apparent. 


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The famous couple had taken a holiday, but only from getting ready for Pumpkin Season at Roloff Farm. They went out of their way to do so in order to celebrate a good friend’s wedding. As far as I can tell, Matt’s last Instagram post contained no further details. 

The audience members breathed a sigh of relief, having expected something else. Now they’re crossing their fingers that they’ll make a wedding announcement of their own shortly. 

And in Roloff Farms, where Matt has been toiling away, he’s building his ideal home. He plans to marry Caryn and the two of them hope to eventually make it their permanent residence.

Are Matt And Caryn Still Together?

Nevertheless, it does not appear that Matt will be proposing to Caryn any time soon. Anyone who has seen Little People, Big World knows that he once declared they wouldn’t even think about getting married until 2022.

Matt And Caryn In Little People Big World
Matt And Caryn In Little People Big World

Caryn explained to a concerned follower that she and Matt were not in a hurry and were “enjoying life” despite the COVID-19 outbreak. There has been no announcement of an engagement or wedding, but the pair has bought a retirement home in Arizona away from the now-rentable Roloff Farms and enjoys frequent excursions there.

Even while a wedding isn’t in the cards anytime soon, it’s clear that these two are in it for the long haul. Matt And Caryn started dating that same year, but she has been vital to Roloff Farm ever since. 

She spent twelve years as the pumpkin patch’s manager, primarily working behind the scenes. That’s why many started suspecting cheating. Given rumors about Matt’s $4 million fortune, some have even accused Caryn of being a gold digger.

They went back to Oregon and told everyone that Matt had sold the main house and other parts of the farm. After revealing that neither of his sons, Jeremy Roloff nor Zach Roloff, wanted to buy him out, the Little People, Big World star said it was time to sell.

While this news was certainly disappointing to the audience, it appears the Roloffs had no other choice. Hopefully, fans of Little People, Big World will gain a deeper understanding of the existing family dynamics and how they may impact Matt and Caryn’s relationship moving ahead.

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