Are Monique And Derek Still Together In Romantic Relationship?

Monique from Love After Lockup season 4 has been receiving “unprovoked” internet remarks about her body ever since she and Derek made their love public. New couples, like Monique and Derek, have been introduced in the revamped fourth season of Love After Lockup.

The couple’s meteoric rise to fame can be partially attributed to the stark contrast between their appearances. Monique towers above Derek, who is tiny and has just been released from prison, because of their disparity in body size. While incarcerated, Derek developed feelings for Monique, and now that he is out on parole, he wants to do everything he can to repair their relationship.

The closeness of Monique and Derek has been criticized, although not for their relationship. The Love After Lockup actor posted a lengthy Instagram thread decrying the “unprovoked” online hate. Monique, without any apparent reason, “has been harassed and humiliated online HEAVILY for the past 4 days,” the author of the lengthy statement remarked.

Strangers’ fixation on my weight and Derek’s and my connection have always puzzled me. Monique went on to say that she didn’t like that they supported mental health and the Protect Black Women campaign yet still bullied “another black woman about her weight” online.

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Monique mentioned that she and Derek had been together for three years while gushing about their happiness together. It couldn’t have been a more ideal setting for him. We are determined to live by our values. Simply said, “love” means “love.” She cracked a clever joke.

Monique And Derek Still Together: Do Monique and Derek Still Have A Relationship?

Even before he got out of jail, Derek knew that his Love After Lockup girlfriend had a lot of curves. He insisted that he truly cared about Monique and their relationship, going so far as to try to influence her to make more sensible choices. On a recent episode of Love After Lockup, the couple shared a trip to the gym.

Monique gushed about how her regular workouts with Derek had just become a part of her life. Throughout the season, Monique was mostly preoccupied with what Derek would think of her once he was no longer incarcerated. She pretended to be anxious about his reaction to her large frame.

Despite this, Derek has made no secret of his undying affection for Monique by publicly gushing over her on social media. It took a lot of courage on their part to come out as a live-in couple on the reality show Love After Lockup. Monique and Derek’s marriage is documented during its first year.

Monique is keeping an eye on Derek’s phone and surveillance footage. Derek hopes that Monique will stop being so distant and start talking to him. As the season progresses, problems with maintaining order become apparent. Sportskeeda reports that Monique and Derek are still an item.

When Did Monique And Derek, First Meet?

fall in love while behind bars Monique found Derek by searching a Facebook group for pen pals, and he was the first person she messaged. Monique was unable to resist sending a message to Derek after repeatedly viewing his picture. When Derek and Monique first met, he immediately fell in love with her and hoped that she would be the one for him. After two years together, they’re still going strong.

When Did Monique And Derek, First Meet?
When Did Monique And Derek, First Meet?

But, they have opposition from inside their own family. And Monique’s pals aren’t happy about her relationship with Derek either. Nobody has ever actually met the other. Monique fears Derek’s reaction because she lied about sharing his passion for fitness when they initially met. On the other hand, Monique says that she has Derek to thank for choosing to undergo weight loss surgery.

Why Doesn’t Monique Trust Derek On ‘love After Lockup’?

Not long after Derek’s release, a strange car began following close behind. Derek claimed he didn’t know the driver, but he and Monique from Love After Lockup both suspect it was an ex-lover. And now that he’s free, Derek hopes to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend. Given his brazen demeanor, it’s surprising that Monique worries he’ll bring someone back to his grandmother’s house.

With so much animosity between them, their future together is bleak. But, they will likely be featured in the 2023 season of Life After Lockup. Hence, despite their infidelity and trust issues, Monique and Derek are likely to continue their relationship. Every Friday at 9 p.m. ET, tune in to WE TV to catch Love After Lockup.

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