Are Micah and Paul Dating: Where They Stand After Their Dramatic Wedding

The song “Love Is Blind” On April 12, the fourth season came to an end, along with the romance between Micah Lussier and Paul Peden. Paul, a 29-year-old environmental scientist, tells Micah, 27, at the altar that he doesn’t believe they are prepared to wed. Paul has already admitted to having second thoughts about his friendship with Micah. Paul admitted to his pals in the dressing room that he was unsure about what to say just before the wedding.

Here is what happens in the finale.

But first, a summary of Micah and Paul’s relationship from “Love Is Blind” The two became close in the pods over their shared love of adventure and commitment to their families. At the time, Micah was also thinking about dating actor Kwame Appiah. To be with Paul, she decided to break up with Kwame.

Are Micah and Paul Dating: Where They Stand After Their Dramatic Wedding

Conflicts developed once Micah and Paul made their way into the outside world. Micah encouraged Paul to think about moving to Arizona; Paul was fixed on Seattle. This caused them to first quarrel about where to live. Paul-related worries were expressed by Micah’s pals as well.

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Shelby, one of her pals, even admitted to Micah that Paul wasn’t the right person for her. In response to their remarks, Micah informed her pals that their connection was more complex than first appeared. Despite their strong emotional bond, Paul and Micah decide against getting married. She turns away from the altar and sobs.

Micah asked Paul to answer at the altar first. Here’s why

The celebrant asks Micah if she would accept Paul as her husband after the couple has exchanged vows at the altar. She asks Paul to respond first and flips the question back onto her instead of responding. “It was controversial to do something like that,” Micah says in an interview with

But the real reason I did it was that I believed that Paul could only truly respond if he spoke up first. Paul uses the occasion to tell Micah how much he loves him, but he concludes by saying he doesn’t believe the two are prepared for marriage.

Micah responds to his response by jogging away from the altar and back toward her dressing area. She orders Paul to leave while he pursues her and attempts to console her. “I was afraid that if I said ‘yes’ first, he might say ‘yes’ too. Micah adds, “I just thought, ‘Oh, maybe she knows something I don’t like. Maybe we should do this. Maybe I should take the risk.

I want him to carry it out for him. I want him to follow his heart, and I thought the only way he could do so authentically was if he responded first,” she adds. Micah says on video after the disastrous wedding that she would have responded “yes” if Paul had said it.

Are Paul and Micah still together?

Micah and Paul did not exchange vows at the altar, but they have not publicly acknowledged the existence of their current union. Are Micah and Paul from season four of Love Is Blind still dating? I think the answer is yes. Three couples were married in the Love Is Blind season 4 finale, however, Micah Lussier and Paul Peden were not one of them. This was further supported by open court documents from King County, Washington, where Love Is Blind season 4 was filmed and Seattle is located.

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Micah and Paul, like every engaged couple from Love, Is Blind season 4, received their marriage application on May 2, 2022, but they did not receive a marriage certificate, which proves they did not get married, according to King County’s official records search. According to the application, the grantor was “Micah Marie Lussier” and the grantee was “Paul Hal Peden.”


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