Glen Powell Dating: Who is He Dating in Real Life?

The number of films that Glen Powell has worked on over the years is fairly amazing. The Dark Knight Rises, Hidden Figures, and Top Gun: Maverick are just a few of his best works. With the endearing Netflix rom-com Set It Up from 2018, Glen also made his debut in the genre.

The chemistry between Glen and his co-star Zoey Deutch was adored by the audience. In addition, Glen will recently be seen in another romantic comedy, this time alongside Sydney Sweeney. But is there a leading lady in Glen’s real life? He is dating whom? What is known about his actual romantic life is as follows.

Glen Powell Dating: Who is He Dating in Real Life?

Glen Powell: Is he dating anyone?

Glen has a committed relationship with Gigi Paris, a model and style icon. She founded the clothing company JIJOU, according to her Instagram bio. The company offers a variety of opulent essentials, such as silk robes, little black dresses, crop tops, and more.

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Based on some of the primary basics she offers fashion-conscious customers, Gigi has a keen eye for design. People claim that around the beginning of 2020, Glen and Gigi were seen together for the first time while taking a romantic getaway to Mexico.

While they weren’t afraid to engage in physical contact when traveling abroad, none of them revealed how they originally met. Since then, they’ve shared many adorable photos of themselves on social media while being quite open about their relationship. With a gorgeous sunset photo, the pair made their Instagram status “official” on Valentine’s Day in 2021.

An image of the couple leaning in for a passionate kiss as the sun sank behind them at a stunning outdoor spot appeared in the Instagram post. With a pink glittering heart emoji, she added a straightforward text that said, “Here’s to you.” She also made care to tag his name.

Glen Powell and Gigi Paris appear to have a relationship.

Possessing a house spouse that is encouraging and helpful is crucial for success in the entertainment industry. Glen has some positive news in that Gigi looks to be one of the most thoughtful partners around. She encouraged her Instagram followers to go see Top Gun: Maverick when it first came out by posting about it there.

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I can’t tell you enough how special this movie is, she wrote in the caption of a photo of herself and Glen on the red carpet. Please take a RUN on May 27 to see Top Gun: Maverick. I used to think @glenpowell was a little insane for his fascination with anything @topgunmovie, but after seeing it, I understand. Forever being a fangirl. Hangman, I’m happy for you.


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