Are Joey And Kariselle Married? Are They Still Together From ‘The Perfect Match’?

Joey and Kariselle Snow had a tumultuous past before meeting on Netflix’s Perfect Match. In 2020, after seeing Joey on The Circle, the Se*y Beasts alum DMed him, as shown in the premiere. She made the trip to LA to meet him, and they went on a few dates before Joey decided the “commitment issue” was too much.

In the final episode of Perfect Match, she revealed, “Every time I’ve been with this guy, he’s just dropped me,” leaving her to wonder what might make this time different. Kariselle and Joey had been together on the program from the beginning, but they hadn’t talked about their plans until their last date. But, that reality quickly shifted.

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After The Show Ended, Are Joey And Kariselle Married?

Fans of Perfect Match are dying to hear if Joey and Kariselle tied the knot or are still engaged, but the couple has been mum on the subject. Recent Instagram posts by Kariselle imply that perhaps the couple has called off the wedding. You can’t even see her ring finger, much less an engagement ring, on her left hand in her recent posts.

A video of singer/songwriter Kariselle performing Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold” with a caption that may allude to her and Joey’s breakup was just shared onlDespitete of this, there’s still a fair chance they got married behind closed doors or are still engaged. Before a show’s official premiere on Netflix, it is requested that couples maintain their anonymity.

Take a look at Colby and Madlyn from The Ultimatum. Joey also keeps a snapshot from when he and Kariselle marked one year of recovery. Yet Kariselle doesn’t have any photos of Joey. Plus, Joey has been seen with other women in influential positions since the autumn, after filming wrapped on Perfect Match, raising the possibility that he is dating again.

Joey and Kariselle’s engagement looked genuine and spontaneous, despite evidence suggesting a Perfect Match is scripted, manufactured, and phony. Joey even called his mom while filming to share the exciting news. Viewers may see that in action during the closing credits of the season finale of Perfect Match.

Who Is Joey From The Perfect Match Season 1?

Does anyone identify Joey from the first season of “The Perfect Match”? Originally from Rochester, New York, Joey Sasso is now 29 years old. As himself, he competed and ultimately won the first season of The Circle.

Who is Kariselle From The Perfect Match Season 1?

Does anyone know the identity of Kariselle from the first season of The Perfect Match? Kariselle Snow was born in East Hanover, New Jersey, and she is now 27 years old. When she first appeared on Se*y Beasts, she competed in a panda costume.

Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together 1?

Is Joey still with Kariselle from the first season of The Perfect Match? It would appear that the answer is yes. The season 1 finale of The Perfect Match featured five different couples: Joey and Kariselle, Dom (The Mole, season 1) and Georgia (Too Hot to Handle, season 3), Chloe (Too Hot to Handle, seasons 1 and 3) and Shayne (Love Is Blind, season 2), Bartise (Love Is Blind, season 3) and Izzy (Too Hot to Handle, season 3), and Nick (The Circle, season 1) and LC (Love Is Blind Similarly, Joey and Kariselle got engaged in the season 1 finale of The Perfect Match after Joey proposed to Kariselle on their final date. Since the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one.

Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together?
Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together?

I look forward to starting each day with you, and I hope that never changes. My question is, “Would you marry me?” Joey proposed to Kariselle and told her. “There is no one else I’d rather go through life with than you, and I intend to spend the rest of my days with you.” Joey and Kariselle’s status as a couple after filming for The Perfect Match season 1 wrapped up appears to be unchanged at the time of this writing.

Joey and Kariselle are still Instagram friends and have tagged each other in posts regarding The Perfect Match as of this writing. As the Times Square poster for the performance was unveiled in February 2023, Kariselle commented on an Instagram video of Joey requesting strangers to be his groupie. Kariselle replied, “I’m sorry to do you forget how we meally iconic.” She added a crying-laughing face and a thumbs-up emoji.

Some viewers of Joey’s video also claimed to have spotted Kariselle there. “If I’m not mistaken, I see [Kariselle] in the mirror of joey’s spectacles,” one person speculated. In the same month, Joey joked on Instagram that he had signed up for OnlyFans, prompting a response from Kariselle of “No fcken way.” Joey used the two-eyes and crying-laughing emojis to react to Kariselle’s message.

Final Lines

The couple’s marriage is still a possibility, despite their on-again, off-again relationship. Kariselle posted a link to an article on Instagram discussing her and Joey’s astrological compatibility. Waiting for a reunion episode of Perfect Match to find out if Joey and Kariselle got married (which is quite likely) is frustrating for fans.

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