Are Amber And Jim From RHONJ Still Together?

The only thing Amber and Jim Marchese took away from their season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey was the knowledge that they would always have one other’s backs.

The couple has been in the headlines on and off in the past two years, generally for controversial reasons, so it was a surprise when it was announced that they would be participating in the next season of Marriage Boot Camp.

Is it safe to assume that Jim and Amber’s relationship survived Marriage Boot Camp? Whatever it was that attracted Jim and Amber to the WEtv series, it wasn’t enough to threaten their relationship because Jim and Amber appeared to be doing just great.

After realizing that the season’s “drama” was beginning to paint them as aggressors rather than victims, Jim and Amber’s portrayal on RHONJ swung wildly from being a charming couple with adorable, nicely behaved kids to a full-on auditory assault.

During their subsequent reunion appearance, Jim revealed the most extensive “manila folder full of strange documents” ever seen on a Housewives series. Since then, the pair has continued doing what they were doing before: supporting one another through thick and thin.

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Are Amber And Jim Still Together? Cause Of Their Breakup

Amber And Jim from The Real Housewives of New Jersey have split up. The partnership ended when things were looking up, so they could pursue their individual goals. When their son Michael came out as gay, tensions between them only increased.

In the absence of conflict, a partnership is not a relationship. The same holds for them as well. When their son, Michael, came out as gay, the differences between Amber and Jim became more apparent. A lack of mutual financial support contributes to their decision to split up. He said his father stopped helping pay for education once he came out as gay.


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“I came out as homosexual, and that’s when it all started; I was told that if I did anything that he didn’t like, I would be sent out of school, I would never see my friends again, and he was likely to damage my friends if he didn’t tell people what he would want,” the narrator says. James and Amber’s kid Michael said it. He went on to say that he was denied financial aid because of his sexual orientation.

Michael disclosed in a one-on-one conversation that he was socially and economically isolated and had never met any of Jim’s relatives. He “wasn’t heading to let me speak to my younger sisters on his side of him and Amber” when the boy moved home with his mother, the young man added.

Jim responded that he couldn’t financially support his kid since he had a case pending in court. Second, Amber’s sickness may have been a factor in their breakup. She fought breast cancer twice: once when she was younger and again when she was older. Jim stated that Amber’s cancer was due to her way of living.

Amber And Jim Relationship
Amber And Jim Relationship

To paraphrase: “Guess what? You think I brought this cancer on myself because of how I live. You should know that you’re not special. Amber replied, “You drink more, and I keep telling you that,” when asked what was causing tension in their marriage.

As a counterargument, Jim stated that he is not an alcoholic and has a legal degree. However, his wife, Amber, doesn’t grasp it. Jim threw in the towel and declared victory. After he did something she didn’t like early on in the program, Amber told him she was dissatisfied.

In the year 2019, Amber and Jim’s relationship ended. After four years of being alone, Amber still hopes that she will eventually will the man who will sweep her off her feet.

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