Andy Smart Cause of Death: Suddenly Passes Away at Age 63

British humor has a certain quality that feels both chaste and impure simultaneously. Maybe it’s the accent, which always lends the delivery a little more weight, or perhaps it’s the way British comedy has a genuine knack for turning a phrase. Since Shakespeare was born in this country, maybe everyone has a gift for words.

Being an improviser required Andy Smart, a comedian, to be able to use words and think quickly on his feet. He was a comic’s comic, which is why the news of his untimely death struck the neighborhood and the entire globe so hard. What is known about Andy Smart’s cause of death is listed below.

Andy Smart Cause of Death: Suddenly Passes Away at Age 63

What was Andy Smart’s cause of death?

Grace Smart, Andy Smart’s daughter, revealed that her father “passed away suddenly” on May 16, 2023, in a brief tweet from his Twitter account. She continued that he had a wonderful life and so many friends. Raise a glass in his honor. His cause of death is still unknown as of the time of this writing.

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Friends and admirers expressed their joy at his life and sorrow at losing an extraordinary humorous intellect in the comments section. “Grace, I’m so sad to hear this. Andy was a fantastic improviser and a very humorous individual. According to Suzy Eddie Izzard, a fellow comic, his brilliance would be missed. Greg Proops, an American comic and improviser featured on Whose Line Is It Anyway? in the UK, tweeted, “So very sorry, Grace,” along with a heart emoji.

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Many admirers shared a short tale about a time they met Andy at a concert and remarked on how nice he was to them all the time. That seems to be the common theme among people who liked Andy’s performances. He was not just talented and gifted but also genuinely kind. For some reason or another, everyone was pulled to him.

It’s tough to pick one sentimental response to his passing, but Brendan Dempsey, an actor, and playwright, stated it best when he described Andy as “generous in every way and to a fault.” CHesaid, “Your father was a man who always turned up and lent his support wherever his life led him — the idea of him not being there scarce seems possible.”

Andy Smart was a hilarious comic who lived a wild existence.

The best improvisers make it seem so simple that the audience believes they can participate on stage. Andy Smart belonged to that group of artists. The Comedy Store website states in his biography, “He had been performing as a permanent member of the Comedy Store Players since 1995.” Before this, he was a member of the comic group known as the Vicious Boys, which also included Angelo Abela.

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The Comedy Store tweeted on May 14 to acknowledge the Comedy Store Players’ performance that evening. In the distance, Andy can be seen grinning while doing what he enjoys. He published a memoir titled A Hitch in Time in 2019 that served as a sort of travel journal, detailing his experiences while hitchhiking throughout the globe.

Andy was brave in comedy and life, whether racing with the bulls in Pamplona or drinking beer on the roof of a train. Before publishing his memoir, Andy spoke with The British Guide about it. They dipped in and out of some of the sillier tales, but the final sentence of the interview aptly captures Andy’s existence on Earth. I’m pretty fortunate, he remarked. He was that.


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