Andy Richter Divorce: Why He Separated From His Wife After A Long Time?

Andy Richter is best known for his hilarious appearances in the television shows “Love, Victor,” “Arrested Development,” and “Santa Clarita Diet.” He is also known for being the funny sidekick on Conan O’Brien’s talk shows. Not only did comedy pave the way for him to have a successful career, but it also introduced him to his (now former) wife, Sarah Thyre.

When they were both working on “The Real Live Brady Bunch” in 1991, the two met for the first time. After being married in 1994, they went on to star together in the comedy series “Strangers with Candy,” which also starred Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert.

Richter and Thyre also had a role in an episode of “Upright Citizens Brigade” in which they played Hansel and Gretel. Richter and Thyre are the parents of two children together; their names are William and Mercy. Richter and Thyre were married for 25 years before they made the difficult decision to divorce and go their separate ways.

In 2019, Richter initiated the divorce process, stating “irreconcilable disagreements” as the reason given (via The Blast). Richter wrote, “It is with sadness that I announce that Sarah and I have separated and have commenced the divorce proceedings”.

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Thyre stated that she was “looking forward to the next chapter” after the divorce was finalized in 2020. “We are extremely proud of the life we’ve built together and shared with so many friends over the years,” she said, “and even though our marriage has reached its completion, we will always maintain a loving friendship and parenting partnership.”

Richter And His Wife Sarah Thyre Decided To Get Divorced

In April 2019, Andy Richter and his ex-wife, Sarah Thyre, announced that they were divorcing, and the divorce was formalized in August of the same year. Before the comedian and his ex-partner decided to go their separate ways, they had been together for more than 27 years.

Andy Richter and Thyre tied the knot in 1996 and are the parents of two children: William, who is now 20, and Mercy, who is 15 years old. In April 2019, both of them posted individual posts to their own Twitter accounts outlining the reasons for their breakup.

Andy Richter wrote on Twitter, “It is with sadness that I announce that Sarah and I have separated and have begun the process of filing for divorce.” In addition, he mentioned that they were content with the life that they had built together. Richter went on to say that even though they were no longer married, they would always have a loving relationship with one another and would co-parent their children together.

In a subsequent tweet, Richter expressed his appreciation for the outpouring of love and support that he’d received in the wake of the news. In another tweet, he responded to someone who said that divorce was “terrible” by responding, “It is, but we’re doing okay.”

“We’ve been together for over 27 years, and we’ve been blessed with two amazing children, both of whom we adore, and we plan to continue to raise them together. We are grateful to our family and friends for all of their support. Excited for what’s to come in the following part…”

The couple first became acquainted with one another in 1991 while working on the set of The Real Live Brady Bunch. Since then, they have appeared together on a variety of television programs, including Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Upright Citizens Brigade on Comedy Central.

Richter And His Wife Sarah Thyre Decided To Get Divorced
Richter And His Wife Sarah Thyre Decided To Get Divorced

How Did Their Children React To Their Parents’ Decision To Divorce?

When questioned about the children’s reaction to the divorce during the same encounter with Uproxx, he said that it was pretty decent and that everyone was doing well. This was his response to the question. Richter went on to say that there was a substantial amount of interaction and conversation between them all the time.

He spoke highly of his children, describing them as absolutely remarkable people who were also emotionally developed. In addition, he pointed out that the children were prompted to engage in conversation over it.

When asked about his youth, he revealed that one of the things that drove him crazy as a kid was the fact that he was unable to share some things with his friends. As a result, striking the appropriate dynamic with his children was of the utmost significance for him.

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