John Mulaney Divorce: What Happened After Split From Annamarie Tendler?

John Mulaney Divorce: Separation from John Mulaney’s ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler is final. TMZ has obtained court paperwork showing that the comedian finally ended his marriage on January 6, 2022, roughly five months after he first filed for divorce.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the SNL star and his current girlfriend, Olivia Munn, had secretly given birth to their baby, Malcolm Hiep Mulaney. In May of 2021, Tendler and Mulaney made the initial announcement of their divorce after being married for seven years.

The Big Mouth actor reportedly started dating Munn shortly after divorcing his wife. When Mulaney made an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers two months later, he announced that the couple is expecting their first child.

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John Mulaney Divorce

The actor’s private life was brought into the spotlight once the news of his troubles became public, and he received an outpouring of support from his followers on social media and celebrities after he entered treatment. Neither Mulaney nor his loved ones have discussed the specifics of his time in therapy, but it has been made public that he made the initiative to do something about his condition and seek professional assistance.

He also decided to make the significant move of divorcing his current wife, Annamarie Tendler. Vulture reported in February that Mulaney would be returning home after completing in-patient treatment. The timing of Mulaney’s return home and the news of his divorce is consistent.

The actor reportedly “requested for a divorce from Tendler three months ago,” which would have been the same month he finished therapy, as reported by Page Six. Fans began wondering what might have caused the pair, who have always seemed so publicly in love, to start having problems, but as of this writing.

Mulaney has given no formal reason for ending the marriage. The Buzzfeed News article quotes a fan who says, “it must have been so hard on her thereafter to stand by him so she must be upset, but eventually it may avoid a lot of grief down the line…”

What Happened After Split From Annamarie Tendler?

After news broke that Mulaney was dating actress Olivia Munn, the conversation surrounding him shifted dramatically. Their relationship piqued a great deal of curiosity and transformed the tone of social media commentary about Mulaney. The internet collectively gasped when it was discovered that the two, who had been friends for years, were taking their friendship to the next level.

Even though the word “couple” precedes any reference to Mulaney and Munn in most people’s minds, this pairing is nothing new. They’ve known each other for a while, and Munn has made no secret of her admiration for Mulaney.

Vanity Fair reports that in the early 2010s before he and Tendler had tied the wedding, the actress was eager to meet Mulaney’s acquaintance. As longstanding friends, Mulaney and Munn met at Seth Meyers’ wedding, where they got along famously. Later, she told him she asked if he and his fiancée wanted to hang out, saying, “Do you and your fiancée want to go have dinner or anything and get to know one other?”

There appears to be no bad blood between Mulaney and his ex-wife. Annamarie was very clear in the announcement of her and John Mulaney’s divorce that she intends to remain involved in John’s life as he adjusts to life after treatment. If and when Mulaney discusses the facts of his divorce in a future stand-up show is anyone’s guess.

John Mulaney And Olivia Munn Have A Child Together
John Mulaney And Olivia Munn Have A Child Together


John Mulaney And Olivia Munn A Child TogetherWe’re just as surprised as you are, you know. John Mulaney and Olivia Munn have been dating for a short time but have already revealed they are expecting their first child together. Fans were shocked, and since Mulaney had previously stated he didn’t want children, the situation was much more muddled.

Even though everyone has a change of heart once in a while, the supporters appear a little baffled by the decision. Munn said that she is “happy” about the pregnancy and that she has laughed a lot throughout her ordeal. What does Annamarie Tendler make of the actress’ confession that she can only wear “oversized sweatpants” because of her growing baby bump?

Annamarie was asked about the current news after making her first public appearance since her breakup with John. While she did not directly address the questions, a source close to Tendler said that Annamarie is having a hard time processing the information.

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