Adam Collard Season 4: Everything To Know About The Series!

In a first for Love Island, a former islander returns to the villa in search of love after a long absence. There’s a lot we don’t know about Adam Collard, and we’d like to know more about him. Adam Collard, a.k.a. the ‘bad boy’ of series four, is returning to Love Island for the first time in four years.

On Sunday’s episode, the newcomer to the villa was revealed by the show’s narrator, Iain Stirling, who whispered “guess who’s back” before concluding on a cliffhanger. Laura Whitmore, the host of Aftersun that night, was stunned by the announcement, saying, “This has never happened before.”

As the residents of the villa deal with the fallout from the recent Casa Amor(opens in new tab) scandal, one couple is now in danger of being evicted from the villa. A new islander has arrived, and Adam’s return is sure to add fuel to the fire. Find out who else is hoping for a second chance at the Love Island final.

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Who is Adam Collard?

A week from now, Love Island 2022 is expected to wrap up, and we’re getting closer to finding out which of the show’s finalists we can expect to see. As a surprise addition to the line-up this year, former villa resident Adam Collard made quite a splash when it was announced that he was returning.

While in the 2022 villa, he’s already been paired with Paige, but will their relationship last? Take a look at the information below to learn everything there is to know about Adam, including his time in the Love Island villa during season 4.

Adam Collard Season 4 Plot: Is He Back On Love Island?

On July 10, 2022, Adam was announced as the newest contestant to join the Love Island villa. He returned to the ITV2 show just as the producers were about to dump two Islanders. Adam is the first contestant to return to Love Island after four years, making him the longest-serving contestant on the show.

Fans were taken aback when he unexpectedly reappeared at the end of the episode that aired on July 10th, 2022. “I’m going to ruffle feathers when I go in,” Adam said when discussing his return. As soon as Adam and Zara departed the villa, they reignited their romance. This lasted for about eight months before they broke up.

Adam is a personal trainer and sells one-on-one fitness training sessions to clients. On OnlyFans, he has also gained a following. Adam is still single, despite Zara’s relationship with Sam Thompson from Made in Chelsea.

Sarah Godfrey, a beauty influencer who he began dating in September 2019, ended their relationship in January 2020. When he left the villa, he had been in a series of relationships, but none of them lasted, so he’s back. When Adam returned to Love Island, Sam Thompson filmed a TikTok of Zara’s reaction and posted it online.

Adam Collard Season 4
Adam Collard Season 4

Adam Collard Season 4 Cast

Originally from Newcastle, the personal trainer first appeared on Love Island in 2018. Because he was the Day 1 bombshell, the then-21-year-old had his pick of whom he wanted to date (and, thereby, break up one of the already-existing couples).

Rosie arrived at the villa a few days later, and he formed a better relationship with her than he had with Kendall. After a few days of stalking Rosie, Adam struck up a conversation with her villa roommate, Megan Barton-Hanson.

On Day 15, Zara entered the villa, and he ended his relationship with Rosie because he felt she was too materialistic. Adam and Zara were voted the least popular islanders by the public. Zara and Eyal Booker were chosen by the islanders as the two people to be sent back to the mainland.

Why Did Adam Collard and Zara McDermott Break Up?

After Zara was voted off, Adam decided to stay on the show and reunite with Darrelle, but he reconnected with her a week later when he was dumped. Before Zara was sent home, they had only slept with each other once. However, they ended up being one of the season’s longest-lasting couples.

After a few months of dating, the two moved in together in Essex before splitting up in February of this year. Love Island U.K. co-stars Jack Fincham and Sam Bird were out partying with Adam when they broke up, according to reports. A source told The Sun that Adam’s relationship with Zara had been affected by this.

There are times when seeing your partner out with other women isn’t always easy for a girlfriend, an insider tells the New York Post. A big argument ensued over Adam’s antics, and he’s since gone home to give them some peace and quiet”

Adam Collard Season 4 Trailer

Here is no trailer about Adam Collard Season 4. Let’s watch the previous trailer.


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