Who Is Toni Braxton Dating: Who Is Married To Him?

Birdman and Toni Braxton have reportedly tied the knot after a long history of on-again, off-again dating. The engaged couple dated for a long time, and Braxton eventually said she would marry Birdman by the year 2020. Braxton’s sister made an online remark that could be seen as evidence that the couple recently got married.

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Is Toni Braxton Still With Birdman?

Although they have put off getting married, it appears like Toni Braxton and Birdman are still seeing one other. Their relationship has been difficult over the past few years. Toni may have felt embarrassed by fans’ negative reactions to their relationship, which is why she rarely shares images of Birdman online.

In spite of this, the two ended their relationship at the start of 2019, thus it’s understandable that many are uncertain about their current position. Nonetheless, Birdman reportedly told E! News “T, you are my sweetheart, my best buddy, and my loved one. That right there is the man I adore, the man who defends my life.

Basically, I can’t imagine my existence without her. I’m hopelessly in love with her.” Ten months after their supposed breakup, this occurred. Toni and Birdman’s wedding was last mentioned as being in April 2020. “The wedding date has been back and forth between us.

We had a wonderful time together, but the group eventually grew too large; we decided against a large wedding “she shared on the Rick and Sasha show. What’s more, “Our next thought was, “OK, we don’t want it too little.” His next words were, “OK, let’s do the drive-through.” Saying, “We are not doing a drive-thru,” was my immediate response.

After we get married, I’m not eating fries with you.” Is this the year they’re going to tie the knot? That’s the plan, but there are less than two months left in the year 2020, and time is running out. We’ve been trying to figure things out, but we’re definitely going to do it this year,” Toni said.

Toni Braxton and Birdman’s Relationship

There were rumors that Braxton was dating rap mogul Birdman after she was spotted in his hometown holding hands with him. TMZ stated in 2016 that Birdman showed his support for the singer by attending the first-ever Grammy Park event.

They first appeared in public as a couple at the 2016 BET Awards. Braxton then famously serenaded Birdman at his 48th birthday party in New Orleans a few months later. Braxton’s performance for Birdman was redistributed through The Shade Room.

During the sixth season of Braxton Family Values, she opened up about her friendship with him. His appearances on the show have been frequent. Before Braxton announced their engagement on the show, fans had noticed that she was always wearing a huge diamond on her ring finger.

Toni Braxton and Birdman’s Relationship
Toni Braxton and Birdman’s Relationship

The couple would have to temporarily part ways, sadly. Braxton told followers she was no longer engaged after she claimed to have misplaced her ring, but she later deleted all photographs of Birdman from her social media accounts. Birdman also left a mysterious social media statement that may have been a hint at the split.

They eventually made up. In an Atlanta radio interview, Toni acknowledged that she had been affected by the public’s perspective of her relationship. I’m easily offended, and there were a lot of comments made about me when we were out. Unfortunately, I have to admit it.

She continued, “And I want to keep our business quiet.” It’s okay if people want to quiz me. Sometimes, I think socially, if you’re reading about anything, people simply have too much of any opinion, and I didn’t like that. Thus, we made the choice to live a more sedate existence.

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