Who Is Shemar Moore Dating: Is He Married? Latest Updates 2022

Shemar Moore is an American actor best known for his roles in “S.W.A.T.” and “Criminal Minds,” both of which he played as the seductive Derek Morgan. There are numerous accolades to his name, including Critics’ Choice Super Awards nominations for Best Actor in an Action Series in “S.W.A.T.”

In addition, he won six straight Image Awards for best actor. A big thank you for his performance in “The Young and the Restless.” We couldn’t help but be smitten by his seductively strong features. 09We, of course, want to know more about his personal life as well! Does he have a girlfriend now? What are the names of his ex-girlfriends?

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Early Life

Shemar Moore was born in Oakland, California, and is the son of a business consultant. His mother is Irish and his father is African American, and both have roots in Canada. As a young child, he immediately relocated to Denmark with his mother.

At the age of four, he was then sent to Bahrain, where he attended a British private school. Shemar received his diploma from Palo Alto’s Gunn High School. Additionally, he studied theater arts to completion, majored in communication, and worked as a fashion model.

This Hollywood actor, who is well-known for his six packs and sexy physique, has worked in some of the important parts in Malcolm Winters, The Young and the Restless, and Criminal Minds on CBS. Additionally, he appeared in the feature film The Brothers and hosted Soul Train. In Birds of Prey, he also had a detective role.

 Is Shemar Moore Dating Anyone?

Shemar Moore is currently unmarried, which is great news for us all! However, if we look at his vast list of ex-girlfriends, he is confident that he has strong judgment when it comes to picking a mate.

Anabelle Acosta, an American actress who was born in Havana, Cuba, was his most recent love interest. Since they started dating in 2018, they’ve been photographed and interviewed frequently about their connections. It’s a shame it only lasted so long.

Anabelle married a Dominican actor, Algenis Soto, in April 2019 just a few months after they broke up. The connection between Shemar and Anabelle was brief, but there are still interesting facts to discuss! First, they had a date at the Grammy Awards.

As revealed in Shemar’s video interview, he was the one who begged for the date. As a result of his years of hustle and hard work in the movie industry, he mentioned in the interview that he was in need of someone to be by his side. And when he first saw Anabelle, he didn’t waste any time in proposing a date.

Shemar also revealed that Anabelle wanted to take things slowly and not rush into their relationship in his earlier interview. Shemar said that they hadn’t even met one other’s parents because it was so stressful.

Is Shemar Moore Dating Anyone
Is Shemar Moore Dating Anyone

Shemar Moore Dating His Girlfriend Shawna Gordon

Shemar Moore is presently seeing soccer player Shawna Gordon. On the streets of Los Angeles, you may spot the couple holding hands and posing for several photos. Despite their long-term relationship, Shawna is not yet his wife.

Prior to this, Moore also met Bobbie Phillips, Victoria Rowell, Gabrielle Richens, and Lauriane Gilliéron. He has been involved in several debates and handled them with maturity. There were rumors that he was gay, but as soon as the attractive actor tackled them in a way no one had before, they disappeared.

The man, who is 49 years old, has the guts to admit that he has dated numerous women and is not at all unsure about his sexual orientation. While making some comments, he appeared a little boisterous, but the rumors about it quickly faded down.

He claims that his girlfriend is the sexiest sportswoman and that it is pleasant to be in her company. Love appears to be permeating the air, and he can’t stop gushing about his young, attractive girlfriend Shawna. Let’s hope and watch to see that, unlike his relationships with the other gorgeous celebs, this one doesn’t end up like the others.

Moore’s fans should keep an eye on the relationship to see how it progresses; this time, the man seems to be quite serious, and they should soon get married. Moore’s admirers should wait for the announcement with heightened curiosity. We’ll have to wait and see if Shawna Gordon marries Shemar Moore in the future.

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