Where is Matt Riddle Now? A Look at the Former WWE Star’s Career and Future Plans

Former WWE star Matt Riddle gained notoriety as an engaging and skillful performer. In addition to winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament in 2020, he was a two-time Raw Tag Team Champion and a former United States Champion.

In addition, he had a prosperous mixed martial arts career, participating in promotions such as the UFC. But as part of the company’s budget constraints, Riddle and a number of other superstars were let go by WWE in September 2023. So, what are Matt Riddle’s current whereabouts and future goals?

Where is Matt Riddle Now?

Matt Riddle currently resides in Orlando, Florida. Born on January 14, 1986, the 37-year-old athlete has experienced a varied career path, beginning in the UFC as a mixed martial artist and going on to succeed in professional wrestling.

September 2023 saw Riddle’s recent release from the WWE, and since then, his captivating style of wrestling has made an impression. He is still a well-known figure in sports and entertainment, and fans are interested in what he plans to achieve outside of the WWE ring. He is currently located in Orlando.

What Did Matt Riddle Achieve in WWE?

Riddle signed with WWE in 2018 after making a name for himself on the independent circuit, working for promotions such as Evolve, Progress, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. He was assigned to the NXT brand, where he quickly became a fan favorite with his laid-back and carefree personality, as well as his impressive in-ring skills. He was nicknamed “The Original Bro” and often performed barefoot, which added to his unique style.

Riddle had several memorable matches and feuds in NXT, such as against Kassius Ohno, Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole, and Finn Balor. He also formed a famous tag team with Pete Dunne, known as “The BroserWeights,” and they won the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament and the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Riddle was then promoted to the main roster, where he debuted on SmackDown in June 2020. He had a brief feud with AJ Styles over the Intercontinental Championship and then moved to Raw in October 2020 as part of the WWE Draft. On Raw, he continued to showcase his charisma and talent.

He won the United States Championship in February 2021, defeating Bobby Lashley and John Morrison in a triple threat match at Elimination Chamber. He also formed a successful tag team with Randy Orton, known as “RK-Bro,” and they won the Raw Tag Team Championship twice, in August 2021 and March 2022.

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What Were the Controversies and Problems That Matt Riddle Faced in WWE?

Riddle had a number of personal and legal troubles during his WWE career; thus, his career was not without controversy. He was sued for defamation in June 2020 after a previous lover accused him of sexual assault, a charge he refuted. In addition, he struggled to maintain a positive connection with Lisa Rennie, the woman he wed in 2011 and raised four children.

After they got divorced in 2022, Riddle dated Misha Montana, a different wrestler, who revealed she was expecting his kid in November 2023. In addition, Riddle was well-known for voicing his ideas loudly and publicly, which occasionally led to conflict with management and other wrestlers. He was rumored to have offended Brock Lesnar, whom he frequently professed his desire to retire and face.

He also got into a heated argument with Goldberg in 2019 and a backstage brawl with Seth Rollins in 2020. He also acknowledged using marijuana on a daily basis, which resulted in his 2013 dismissal from the UFC following two positive tests for the drug.

WWE released Riddle and a number of other talent, including Bray Wyatt, Keith Lee, and Braun Strowman, on September 2, 2023. Budget cuts were the stated explanation provided by WWE. However, other reports conjectured that Riddle’s departure was also brought about by his personal and legal problems, in addition to his demeanor and attitude.

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What Are Matt Riddle’s Current Projects and Future Plans?

Since leaving WWE, Riddle has been relatively quiet, but he has hinted at his plans and projects on social media. He has teased a new project involving “Riddle OG,” which could be a clothing line, a podcast, or a wrestling promotion. He has also expressed his gratitude and appreciation for his fans and supporters and his excitement for the future.

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Riddle has also announced his first booking since leaving WWE, which will happen for MCW Pro Wrestling in 2024. He will be at the Winter Blast event on February 3, 2024, and interact with fans. It has not been revealed whether Riddle will have a match or not, but he will be alongside several NWA stars during the meet-and-greet session.

Riddle will square off against Rob Van Dam in a dream match on March 9, 2024, marking his first match after being released by WWE. Since they both enjoy marijuana and have comparable personalities and styles, Riddle and Van Dam have frequently been compared to one another. Along with their mutual respect and affection for one another, they enjoy a strong friendship outside of the ring.

This unique chance for spectators to see the battle between two of the most captivating and athletic wrestlers of their time will take place for Big Time Wrestling. Riddle has also said that he is considering his options for his next move and that his 90-day WWE non-compete agreement expires in December 2023. Being that he still enjoys fighting and would be willing to compete again, he hasn’t completely ruled out going back into mixed martial arts.

His statements that he wants to wrestle the greatest in the world and have fun have also alluded to him working for other wrestling firms, such as AEW, Impact, or NJPW. Alongside Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, and Keith Lee—all of whom the organization has previously released—he has also stated that he would like to collaborate with them again.

In addition, Riddle has stated that he is enjoying his life and is eager to become a father once more. In addition, he has said that he has no regrets and no animosity against the WWE, saying that he is happy with his achievements and history there. Also, he expressed gratitude to WWE for providing him with a stage on which to display his abilities and character, as well as for enabling him to collaborate with some of the top wrestlers in the world.


Matt Riddle is a former WWE star who had a successful and memorable career in the company, winning several championships and accolades. He was also a former UFC fighter who had a respectable record and reputation in the sport. However, he was released by WWE in September 2023 due to budget cuts and other reasons.

Since then, he has been working on his plans and projects and has announced his first booking and match since leaving WWE, which will happen in 2024. He has also expressed his happiness and gratitude for his fans and supporters and his excitement for the future.

Riddle is a talented and charismatic performer who has a lot to offer to the wrestling and MMA world and who will undoubtedly continue to entertain and impress his fans and peers.

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