Tom Brady New Girlfriend: All Creative Information!

There is a chance that Tom Brady is currently available on the trade market. When it comes to the standings of football teams at the end of the season, it is virtually certainly going to be the case. In terms of your romantic relationships? To be honest, we don’t really know.

Tom Brady New Girlfriend

Tom has recently been divorced and may likely expect a lot of attention from potential partners. It has been said that the quarterback may have found a new love interest in a certain woman, but at this point, all of this is just speculation. Veronika Rajek, a model, recently caused a stir when she was spotted at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, where she cheered on the team while wearing a Tom Brady jersey. The game was a victory for the Bucs over the New Orleans Saints.

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Regardless of whether or not she is Brady’s new gal, what we do know for sure is that her Instagram is on fire. On Monday, Veronika was back at it, this time uploading four images of herself in bikinis with an American theme.

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