TJ Holmes Files For Divorce: After His Relationship With Amy Robach is Made Public TJ Holmes and Marilee Fiebig File for a Divorce

TJ Holmes Files For Divorce: Sabine Fiebig was born to the GMA3 anchor and her husband, Fiebig, in 2013. After more than a decade of marriage, T.J. Holmes and Marilee Fiebig have decided to separate.

According to public court records, the 45-year-old co-anchor of GMA3: What You Need To Know and the 56-year-old powerhouse attorney have filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage.

This ex-couple, who wed in March 2010, welcomed their daughter Sabine in 2013. Holmes has a daughter named Brianna and a son named Jaiden with his ex-wife Amy Ferson.

It was in November that Holmes and his coworker Amy Robach were spotted, and now we know that they filed for divorce. Since then, theimportantenews has learned that the two are dating from a reliable source.

Holmes and Robach, who is married to actor Andrew Shue of Melrose Place, were “two consenting adults who were each separated,” according to the source. “Separations from their spouses occurred in August, and they were only a few weeks apart. The two of them didn’t start dating until after.”

As another source put it, Robach, 49, “was going through a heartache and T.J. was very much there for her and helpful, and that is when they started something.”

Both Holmes and Robach deleted their Instagram accounts as news of their relationship spread. Although they touched on their relationship during a recent episode of GMA3’s What You Need to Know, neither partner has made any official statements about their relationship.

TJ Holmes
TJ Holmes

Sherlock Holmes made an opening-night joke, saying, “It’s a shame it’s already Friday because this week has been fantastic. Ideally, this would go on forever. I urge you to simply take pleasure in it.”

In a humorous exchange with Holmes, Robach said, “Adopt a stance of your own. I know that I am not the only one who is looking forward to the weekend. On average, we all look forward to Fridays here.”

A TV insider told theimportantenews that their relationship was “widely known” among many GMA staffers before news of their relationship became public in late November. A while back, they were even told to “knock off” their sexual tension.

There were “many people internally who were unhappy about it,” the source said. I’d say, “They were very sexual.”

However, according to the first source, who spoke to theimportantenews, the couple’s romance has only recently blossomed since they separated from their spouses.

According to our reliable source, “everyone knew they were close friends and had good chemistry.” “T.J. felt humiliated when another cast member of GMA made a joke about how close he was with Amy a few years ago. People could tell there was a genuine friendship between them because of how they had each overcome personal challenges.”

They joked about how great their chemistry was, but then they cut off the further conversation and made it clear that they were both dealing with their own issues and nothing more. “She and T.J. were inseparable, always doing things together. Her eldest child watched his youngest child. They didn’t try to hide it. The end of their respective marriages was a natural progression due to the fact that their lives were already intertwined due to their shared professional interests and best friend status.”

A relationship investigation by ABC has led to the continued hiatus of the Dec. 5 episode featuring Holmes and Robach. A memo to employees stated that the couple would “remain off-air pending the completion of an internal review,” with other anchors filling in for them on the program in the meantime.

Robach wed Shue, 55, in 2010 at New York’s Chelsea Piers‘ The Lighthouse. The exes share children from previous relationships, which has contributed to their estrangement.

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