Sutton Foster Divorce: Delving Into Insights About Her Ex-Husband!!

Actress, singer, and dancer Sutton Lenore Foster hails from the United States of America. Fans have recently shown an interest in her divorce as a topic of discussion. Specifically, they are interested in learning who she was married to and when the couple split. Therefore, continue reading to the very conclusion of this article in order to obtain all of the information that is associated with the Sutton Foster Divorce.

When Did Sutton Foster Divorce Her Former Husband?

In the course of her life, she has been married twice. Sutton Foster’s ex-husband is Christian Borle. Christian Borle, an actor, was Foster’s college partner, and the couple tied the knot on September 18, 2006.

When Did Sutton Foster Divorce Her Former Husband
When Did Sutton Foster Divorce Her Former Husband

The divorce between Sutton Foster and her spouse Christian Borle took place in 2009 after the couple had been married for three years. Both Foster and Borle continue to be good friends who support and encourage one another in their respective endeavours.

Who Is Sutton Foster’s Husband At The Moment?

Following the conclusion of her marriage to Christian Borle in 2009, the actress from Younger and Sweeney Todd went on a blind date with the scriptwriter from Hollywood. It was on September 19, 2013, when Foster announced that she was engaged to screenwriter Ted Griffin.

With a private ceremony that took place in Santa Barbara, Griffin and Foster tied the knot in October 2014, exactly one year after they had announced their engagement. You may view the stunning couple in a post that has been shared by them on Instagram:


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The city of Pasadena, California is where Griffin was born. He attended Colgate University in New York for his education. Since he graduated from Colgate in 1993, Griffin has participated in alumni panels at his alma mater, where he has made presentations on Colgate Entertainment Group. Griffin is an entertainment industry screenwriter who has contributed to a number of Hollywood blockbusters. He has a lot of credits to his name.

We have included our most recent posts below that pertain to the divorces of other celebrities:

The heist film Ocean’s Eleven, the comedy-crime sequel Matchstick Men, and the horror-thriller Ravenous are some of the films that fall under this category. Martin Scorsese is a friend of Griffin’s, and the two of them have collaborated on some films together, including Public Speaking and Pretend It’s a City, all of which are available on Netflix.

Griffin is credited for producing several films, in addition to writing screenplays and appearing in films. In the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” directed by Martin Scorsese, which was released in 2013, he had a cameo role as Agent Hughes.

Does Foster And Griffin Have Kids?

One daughter was adopted by Foster and Ted Griffin in April of 2017, and they are the proud parents of this little girl. She goes by the name Emily Dale. They are not the parents of any biological children. After several unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization, Foster and Griffin decided to adopt a child. Due to the adoption, Foster has been able to experience every happy occasion with her daughter together.

On May 14, 2023, Sutton used Instagram to share a post with her daughter. In the description of the post, she wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you, Emily and Emily’s birth mom for allowing me to be a mommy. We love you so much.”


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