Simply Fit Board Net Worth: How Much Does It Make?

The Simply Fit Board is an intuitive piece of fitness equipment that facilitates at-home workouts. The Simply Fit Board can help you lose weight, get in shape, gain stability, strengthen your core, and tone your legs.

Using both feet at once, the rider must rotate the board, which is slightly bent and comes in various colors. Consequently, one must unconsciously work to strengthen the core to maintain balance.

The high-quality plastic used to construct the board’s curve is lightweight, and the twisting motions it gives are a fun way to work out your back, legs, and core. To increase the difficulty of your workout, you can use free weights.

Company Name Fit Board
Entrepreneur Linda Clark And Gloria Hoffman
Product Exercise device that targets the core
Investment Asking For $125,000 For 15% equity in Simply Fit Board
Final Deal $125,000 For 18% equity in Simply Fit Board
Shark Lori Greiner
Episode  Season 7 Episode 7
Business Status In Business
Website Visit Website

About the Founders

Denver natives Linda Clarke and her Fort Collins-based daughter Gloria Hoffman are a mother-daughter duo. Due to financial difficulties, Gloria did not initially have the opportunity to attend university.

They tied the knot, and now Kelly Hoffman is the proud mother of two boys. After gaining knowledge of network marketing, Gloria started the Legacy Leadership Team in 2007 to guide future business leaders.

The Colorado native and former CEO decided to pursue other opportunities in 2010. To engage in direct sales, Gloria founded a company named Zrii. Her mother was an older adult this time, but she was still quite encouraging.

Founding the Company

Linda’s love of food skyrocketed as she hit 60 and put on a lot of weight. Though she aimed to return to standard waist size, she found that most activities were beyond her physical capabilities.

To keep up with her grandsons, she decided to give skateboarding a try one day. When Linda saw the positive results, she shared them with Gloria. The Simply Fit Board is the result of their collaboration; it’s a curved plastic board on which users stand and twist to strengthen their abdominal muscles.

In addition to planks and push-ups, you may use them for various other exercises. In 2011, the two women began marketing and selling their creations to retailers throughout the United States. They sold almost 30,000 copies in just two years, all from the trunk of their automobile.

Fit Board Before Shark Tank

Mom and daughter duo Linda and Gloria designed the innovative Simply Fit Board. As a senior citizen, Linda wanted to develop a product to assist her in her weight loss efforts. Together, Linda and Gloria grew and popularized the Simply Fit Board, a tool for more efficiently reducing abdominal fat.

The concept for the board came from Linda’s fight to maintain her weight loss and fitness after age 60. Linda recruited the help of her daughter, a personal trainer, to come up with a low-cost, easily accessible alternative.

Gloria made the balancing board so it could be used on any surface (carpet, linoleum, hardwood) for convenient training. To drum up business, the mother and daughter duo traveled the United States, showcasing their goods at trade shows.

Sales of roughly 30,000 units nearly two years before their appearance on Shark Tank are likely to pale compared to what they will sell after being introduced to a far bigger audience. Gloria helped them create an improved version of the balancing board. Can we expect the Sharks to be interested in this updated version of the original idea?

Simply Fit Board After Shark Tank
Fit Board After Shark Tank

An Update After ‘Shark Tank’ Simply Fit Board

Greiner’s website claims that retail sales went from $575,000 to $9 million in the seven months following the debut of Shark Tank. Over a million Simply Fit Boards were distributed to shops worldwide in just the last three months of 2016.

Over $160 million in retail sales have been generated four years after our initial appearance on Shark Tank and subsequent deals. Hoffman is grateful to be able to use her success to be there for her kids. In a current Instagram post, she reflected on her life before appearing on Shark Tank.

On this day four years ago, the lads and I participated in our final booth show before debuting on Shark Tank with the Simply Fit Board. It was not uncommon for her to spend ten or more hours at a show, with the boys at her side, twisting and selling merchandise. Here you can also check Go Oats’s Net Worth After Shark Tank And the net worth of Curlmix After Shark Tank. 

Fit Board Net Worth

How much do you think a fit board would fetch? When Simply Fit Board was featured on Shark Tank. Its worth was $833,000. In 2022, Simply Fit Board will have accumulated a wealth of over $1 million.

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