Kay Adams Plastic Surgery: Did the NFL Host Change Her Face?

Popular sports journalist Kay Adams previously hosted NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. In addition to her stunning looks, she is well-known for her enthusiasm for and expertise in football. Nonetheless, a few admirers have noted that she appears different now, and some have conjectured that she may have had plastic surgery. Do these rumors have any merit? Let’s find out.

Did Kay Adams Admit to Having Plastic Surgery?

Kay Adams has never responded to reports about her plastic surgery, either in the public or privately. She hasn’t talked about it in any of her social media posts or interviews. She appears to be concentrating on her personal and professional lives while ignoring the rumors.

To determine whether there are any obvious changes, some admirers have compared her before and after images in an attempt to uncover hints and proof from her images and videos. Fans have noticed that Kay Adams is significantly different in the 2020 bikini pictures that she uploaded to her Instagram page.

They claim that her features are warped and that her face appears hollow and bony. They further claim that she may have used Photoshop or filters to improve her appearance because her skin is too perfect and smooth. They think that by having too much plastic surgery, she may have compromised her inherent beauty.

Kay Adams has received support from other admirers who claim that she is aging gracefully and that she looks the same as she did in the past. They claim that while her weight loss and cosmetics may have somewhat altered her appearance, she hasn’t made any significant facial changes.

They further claim that she may have suffered from depression or stress as a result of her personal or professional problems, which may have had an impact on her physical well-being. They compliment her on her personality and skill and declare that she is still stunningly beautiful.

How Did Kay Adams Look Before and After?

Although Kay Adams has always been a stunning woman, some of her admirers believe that she was cuter and more natural in her younger years. Her face used to be rounder, softer, and had larger lips and cheeks, they say. They also claim that she had a girl-next-door vibe to her because of her slightly larger and more curved nose.

But Kay Adams looks to have shed a lot of weight recently; her face seems more defined and slimmer. Her nose appears straighter and narrower, and her lips and cheeks appear smaller and flatter. While some admirers believe she appears more refined and mature, others believe she looks gaunt and unnatural. They believe she may have undergone nose jobs, lip reductions, and cheek reductions, among other cosmetic surgeries.

Here are examples of Kay Adams’ before and after photos:

Kay Adams Plastic Surgery

What Do Fans Say About Kay Adams Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Kay Adams has never confirmed or denied the plastic surgery rumors and has remained silent on the topic. However, some fans have expressed their opinions on social media platforms, such as Reddit and Twitter.

Some have praised her for her new look and said that she looks more beautiful and glamorous. Others have criticized her for changing her natural appearance and said that she looks older and less cute. Some have also expressed their concern for her health and well-being and wondered if she might be depressed or unhappy.

Check out Reditt’s post below…

Can someone explain to me wtf happened to Kay?? Why does she look so different this year? Did she get plastic surgery on her face or something? She looks like a different person it’s insane. Maybe she just lost a bunch of weight but her cute soft face looks boney now and I’m not digging it.
byu/Bizzno inheykayadams

Here are some examples of what fans have said about Kay Adams’ plastic surgery rumors:

  • Can someone explain to me wtf happened to Kay?? Why does she look so different this year? Did she get plastic surgery on her face or something? She looks like a different person it’s insane. Maybe she just lost a bunch of weight but her cute soft face looks boney now and I’m not digging it.”
  • Well I’m digging it
  • I’m with you. She’s definitely had some work done, no question. Really lost that girl-next-door vibe. Her lips and cheeks/jaw are totally different.”
  • I dunno, but I get the impression that she’s had work done a few times. Her face seems to change every few years.”
  • I thought she looked different. Not to sound shallow, but it wasn’t until this year that I’ve been thinking, “did she get way hotter?

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What is Kay Adams Doing Now?

After hosting Good Morning Football for six years, Kay Adams departed NFL Network in May 2022. She stated that she wanted to explore other options and did not want to extend her contract with the network. She also disclosed that, in order to uphold her agreement with NFL Network, she had turned down an offer from Amazon Studios for Thursday Night Football.

She expressed her gratitude for her tenure at NFL Network and thanked her coworkers and supporters for their love and support. Although Kay Adams has not disclosed her next professional step, she has been active on social media, sharing updates on her trips, hobbies, and daily life.

She also broadcasts a podcast called The Dime Package, on which she converses with guests about many subjects, including sports. She has also made guest appearances on a number of other programs, including The Rich Eisen Show and The Pat McAfee Show.

Kay Adams has not disclosed if she is married or in a relationship. She has kept details of her personal life private. She had previously been connected to Danny Amendola, an American football star, but the couple allegedly split up in 2016.

Although she hasn’t acknowledged or refuted these rumors, she has allegedly dated other celebs like Peter Rosenberg and Kyle Brandt. She has stated that she does not have time for relationships since she is too focused on her profession.

Football is Kay Adams’ passion, and she is a skilled and accomplished sports journalist. Her beauty has also garnered a lot of attention, and she has been the target of rumors regarding plastic surgery.

She hasn’t spoken anything about it and has kept going after her aspirations, whether or not she has changed her appearance. She has a devoted following of people who support her in her pursuits and who respect her abilities and personality.

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