Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth: How Much Wealth Does He Have In 2023?

Jeremy Clarkson is a well-known figure in the British media who has covered the automotive industry in various capacities. Together with Richard Hammond and James May, he is famous for his roles as a car expert on Top Gear and The Grand Tour. He currently contributes weekly columns to both The Sunday Times and The Sun. Clarkson took over hosting duties for the relaunched ITV version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire from Chris Tarrant in 2018.

Initially from the north of England, Clarkson worked as a local journalist before becoming the host of the first version of Top Gear in 1988. He has become a household name in Britain since the mid-1990s, thanks to his frequent appearances on television as host of his own BBC shows and as a guest on others.

Clarkson has also created works in history and engineering in addition to motor vehicles. Starting in 1998, he hosted the inaugural season of Robot Wars, and from 1998 to 2000, he hosted his talk show, Clarkson. Clarkson’s contract with the BBC was not renewed in 2015 after an incident in which he physically attacked a Top Gear producer during a shoot. Clarkson and his co-hosts and Top Gear producer Andy Wilman founded W. Chump & Sons that year to create The Grand Tour for Amazon Prime Video.

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Clarkson’s hilarious and controversial writing and speaking manner has often sparked widespread outrage. Occasionally, the media, lawmakers, pressure groups, and the general public have criticized his activities, both in his personal life and in his role as a Top Gear host. He also has a sizable fan base and is often regarded as the driving force behind Top Gear’s meteoric rise to prominence as the BBC’s most-watched show.

What Is Jeremy Clarkson Net Worth?

Jeremy Clarkson is a journalist, author, and television broadcaster in the United Kingdom worth an estimated $70 million. His most famous work is as the host of “Top Gear,” a popular British television show about fast cars that often places in the top ten in terms of viewership throughout the world. A yearly compensation of $20 million is put on the journalist.


When it comes to cars, Jeremy Clarkson is a household name. It was in the 1980s that he first began working as a journalist for publications like The Sun and Top Gear. Starting in the early 1990s, he hosted several television shows centred around cars, the most famous of which was Top Gear.

Clarkson’s charismatic and often divisive hosting manner helped make Top Gear a hit, and he gained a significant fan base as a result. With the success of Clarkson’s Car Years, Jeremy Clarkson hosted several other programs, including Motorworld and The Grand Tour. Clarkson has written several books about vehicles and motoring, including The World According to Clarkson and The Grand Tour Guide to the World, in addition to his work on television.

Clarkson has worked in many industries, including the automobile sector, but has also owned restaurants and developed real estate. He has always had controversial opinions and has been at the center of several debates during his career.

Jeremy Clarkson’s career has been defined by his love of cars and his distinctive on-air persona. His work has influenced how people talk about and think about vehicles in culture, and he has risen to prominence as a major figure in the automotive industry.

When Did Jeremy Clarkson Host The Shows?

When it debuted in November 2016 to widespread praise, The Grand Tour quickly became Amazon’s most-watched premiere episode. The second season may be viewed in its entirety on Amazon Prime. He took over hosting Who Wants to Be a Millionaire from Chris Tarrant in 2018.

Personal Life

Clarkson wed Alex Hall in 1989. They broke up six months later because she was seeing one of his pals. He tied the knot with his manager, Frances Cain, in May 1993. Three kids were born to them. As of April 2014, Cain was divorce-seeking. Clarkson was given a privacy injunction in September 2010 against his ex-wife so that she couldn’t go public with allegations about their long sexual relationship after he married Cain.

Clarkson is an avid member of the band Genesis, who play progressive rock. He went to their 2007 reunion show at London’s Twickenham Stadium. When “Selling England by the Pound” was reissued as part of the “Genesis 1970-1975” box set, he wrote the liner notes for the album.

Jeremy Clarkson Personal Life
Jeremy Clarkson Personal Life

Clarkson’s extensive collection of luxury automobiles includes the following makes and models: Range Rover TDV8 Vogue SE, Mercedes-Benz 600 Grosser, Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG, Lotus Elise 111S, BMW M3 CSL, Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, Ferrari F355, Aston Martin Virage, Lamborghini Gallardo, Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6, McLaren 675LT, and many more.

Clarkson has a history of being hostile to environmental causes, and he has been known to poke fun at organizations like Greenpeace by calling them “eco-mentalists” and the product of “old trade unionists and CND (campaign for nuclear disarmament) homosexuals.” He has stated that wind farms are a “reminder of the time when mankind temporarily took leave of its senses and decided wind, waves, and lashings of tofu could somehow provide enough electricity for the whole earth.”

Final Lines

Currently, on March 4th, 2023, I cannot provide the most recent figures regarding Jeremy Clarkson’s wealth. His wealth may have grown since I last updated you, given his ongoing success and wide range of business interests. It’s crucial to remember that things like investments, business decisions, and market trends can significantly impact one’s net worth. However, the longevity of Jeremy Clarkson’s career in show business cannot be denied as a factor in his wealth.

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